Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 3:12 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.NASA chest Tattoo

One small step for a nip*le, one giant leap for all mankind. This is the perfect example of how some people don't think things through before they take a leap and do them. Albeit the tattoo is small and drawn very well, it doesn't make sense to get something so cartoonish and cheap-looking. A picture normally says a thousand words, this one however does not.

NASA chest Tattoo-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

2.Voided Girlfriend

When your relationship fails, just cover it up with another failure. This has to be the cleverest way to cover up a tattoo by far. Instead of leaving his ex's name on his cheat or spending tons of money to get it removed, he decided to void the tattoo, just like he voided the relationship. He gets two thumbs up for being ingenious with the cover up concept, but the 'VOID' tattoo's execution gets two thumbs down.

Voided Girlfriend-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

3.Video Game Tattoo

A classic case of a man who needs to step away from his Zelda games. This tattoo is beyond tacky. Not because he used video game references, but because he actually thought this was a suave way of impressing girls. Instead of playing Zelda and helping him on a never-ending quest to find his girlfriend, this guy needs to find the nearest tattoo laser removal facility ASAP!

Video Game Tattoo-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever


4.Extremely Bad Tattoo

With the way this guy is showing off this tattoo, he has to know it's misspelled. If you get a huge tattoo across your chest that's spelled wrong, and you don't notice it then it's time to head back to school. The only thing that could save this guy from utter embarrassment would be to tell people his nickname is 'Exreme.'

Extremely Bad Tattoo-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

5.Red Cat Tattoo

This guy's regular tattoo artist must have been on vacation. All of his arm tattoos show precise and intricate details. Meanwhile that cat tattoo on his chest looks like it was inked with a red Crayola crayon. The cat's eyes, ears and mouth are all lopsided. It's not even a manly cat; instead it looks like a tattoo a college girl would get on a whim. Both the tattoo artist and this guy had to be intoxicated when this Felix the Cat eyesore was done.

Red Cat Tattoo-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

6.Shaky Birds Tattoo

This poor guy was some novice tattoo artist's guinea pig. Rule No. 1 in tattooing, if you don't have a steady hand then maybe you should find another profession. Not only are the lines rough, but the artwork is so poor it makes me want to cry. The one redeemable quality about this tat is that it will be easy to laser off since there isn't much color.

Shaky Birds Tattoo-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

7.Blood is Forever Tattoo

Batman seems to be a hot commodity in the tattoo world these days. Either this guy has an unhealthy obsession with blood, or the tattoo artist mistakenly wrote 'Blood' instead of 'Batman.' The Batman symbol looks similar to the one used in present day movies, but the blood splattered all over it, makes the guy look like he just got into a knife fight.

Blood is Forever Tattoo-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

8.Scribble Tattoo

This tattoo has to be the after effects of a night of drinking. It looks as though the tattoo artist fell asleep and decided to give a 3-year-old the freedom to draw all over this man's chest. I'm trying to find the artistic value in this tattoo, but sadly there is none.

Scribble Tattoo-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

9.Alien Breaks Free Tattoo

Superman has an 'S' on his cheat and this guy has a bloody emerging alien on his. If you're an Alien fan, then this tattoo should look rather familiar. Now the artwork on this tattoo is exceptional. Unfortunately, the placement is a complete fail. In the movie, the alien emerges from the guy's stomach, not his chest.

Alien Breaks Free Tattoo-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

10.Lacoste Tattoo

Why buy countless Lacoste shirts and polos, when you can just get their logo tattooed on your chest! This tattoo can either be seen as a stroke of genius or pretty dumb. The crocodile is drawn well, but there's nothing special about this tat. Either way, this guy should get a lifetime of free clothes from Lacoste for being such a die-hard fan.

Lacoste Tattoo-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

11.Why Do We Fall Tattoo

This tattoo artist must not know what a rough draft is. The artist knew he was running out of space after inking the word 'fall,' but instead of changing the concept, he continued on and created the word 'canl.' Either this guy really loves Batman, or he just needed something random to fill that space in the middle.

Why Do We Fall Tattoo-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

12.Life is Beutiful

This doesn't even look like a real tattoo and with the word 'beautiful' being misspelled, I sure hope it isn't. This tat looks like it was drawn on with a ballpoint pen that had just a few drops of ink left. Life may be beautiful, but sadly this tattoo is not.

Life is Beutiful-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

13.Five Star Chick

A woman who knows her worth is truly a great characteristic to have. And even though she knows, this tattoo indicated that she wants the rest of the world to know as well. The tattoo looks as though it was designed by two different people. The writing is inked exceptionally well, but the stars looked like they got into a fight and lost.

Five Star Chick-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

14.Don't Dream It Be It

Looks like this individual watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show one too many times. Even though the quote "Don't Dream It Be It" is somewhat inspirational, it doesn't match with the photo of what looks like a busted lip. This must be one of those 'inside jokes' that we, as the public don't understand

Don't Dream It Be It-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever

15.Tom Arnold's Roseanne Barr Tattoo

Tom Arnold must have missed the memo that you never get a tattoo of the face or name of your loved one. The actor spent 12-hours getting Roseanne Barr's face inked on his chest. The sappy gesture was his way of trying to save his marriage. Turns out his 'act of love' still didn't stop the marriage from failing. He did eventually get the tattoo taken off through laser removal, but the internet never forgets Tom.

Tom Arnold's Roseanne Barr Tattoo-Top 15 Worst Chest Tattoos Ever



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