Strangest Deaths Around The World

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 5:52 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Ironic death to prove himself right

Garry Hoy An old public prosecutor died to prove his glass was indestructible. Garry jumped on to the glass which was placed on a window of 24th floor Toronto - Dominion Centre but the glass popped out from window frame without breaking and Garry fall to death from 24 floors. Ironic but the glass broke only when it struck the ground so yeah the glass was indestructible.

Ironic death to prove himself right-Strangest Deaths Around The World

2.Video game killed a man

Lee Seung Seop, a 28-year-old from South Korea, collapsed of fatigue and died after playing the video game StarCraft online in an internet cafe for almost 50 consecutive hours. A true game addict according to his friends. He went into a cardiac arrest and died in a local hospital.

Video game killed a man-Strangest Deaths Around The World

3.Football team died due to lightning

On October 1998, The entire association football team of Bena Tshadi playing against Basanga was killed by lightning during a match in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Everyone on Basanga, the home team, survived. Ironic or a curse?

Football team died due to lightning-Strangest Deaths Around The World

4.16 year old brazilian guy died due to over masturbation

A 16 year old boy died because of masturbating for over 42 times in a single night. The young boy lived with her mother in Rubiato town, in Goias region, Brazil. His friends said that his attraction to women was extreme apparently all kinds of women. His mother was actually aware of the problem and wanted to consult him to a doctor but the decision came late. A large number of adult stuff including photographs and videos in his PC.

16 year old brazilian guy died due to over masturbation-Strangest Deaths Around The World

5.Toothpick-the killer

Can toothpicks cause death? well, don't underestimate this small little wooden stick. Sherwood Anderson an American novelist and short story writer was traveling on a cruise liner Santa Lucia to South America where he accidentally gulped a toothpick which caused severe pains in his abdomen. He was then taken to hospital in Colon, Panama where he died on 8th march 1941.

Toothpick-the killer-Strangest Deaths Around The World

6.Man killed by a robot

Worried about robots ruling the world in future? killing and enslaving humans? well, it's soon to happen i guess. Kenji Urada (c. 1944 - July 4, 1981) was a Japanese engineer who was one of the first persons reported to have been killed by a robot. This happened when he was working on a broken robot, it was not completely turned off and it's Hydraulic arm pushed him into the grinding machine and he eventually died

Man killed by a robot-Strangest Deaths Around The World

7.death due to wife's handmade food

How much can a man love his wife? can anyone love her wife that he can die for her? not actually possible in the present day world but Kurt Gödel was one true husband. Kurt Gödel an Austrian/American logician and mathematician suffered from extremely paranoia as he refused to eat food prepared by anyone else and died due to starvation, this happened when her wife was hospitalized due to an illness for six months.

death due to wife's handmade food-Strangest Deaths Around The World

8.Flood of Beer

A huge vat of beer at the Meux and Company brewery in London ruptured. Over 323,000 gallons of beer flooded the area destroying 2 homes and taking the life of atleast 7 people. Although it's less than what water flood does.

Flood of Beer-Strangest Deaths Around The World

9.A death after 67 days

David Lunt was shot with a gun in head in a Saloon fight in deadwood, South Dakota on 14th January 1877. A person named Tom Smith rescued him from there and David was continuing his life with the bullet still in his head when all of a sudden he felt severe headache after 67 days from the incident on 22nd march 1877 and eventually died, the reason for death was found to be the bullet in his head but it's still a mystery how he survived those 67 days.

A death after 67 days-Strangest Deaths Around The World

10.death from Amplifier

Keith William Relf was a former singer for British rhythm and blues band The Yardbirds. He was electrocuted to death by an improperly grounded Amplifier while practising his electric guitar.

death from Amplifier-Strangest Deaths Around The World

11.death from Carbon tetrachloride fumes

Margo Jones (December 12, 1911 - July 26, 1955) was an influential American stage director and producer. She died due to exposure to fumes of Carbon Tetrachloride from her newly cleaned carpet.

death from Carbon tetrachloride fumes-Strangest Deaths Around The World

12.Curse of the King Tut's tomb

George Herbert was a famous Archeologist who sponsored the excavation of King Tut's tomb in spite of knowing the curse associated with it in 1923. death happened a few days after when a mosquito bite him and he mistakenly cut the bit with a razor while shaving which led to erysipelas and later blood poisoning and pneumonia. After that no tried to open pharaoh's tombs i guess.

Curse of the King Tut's tomb-Strangest Deaths Around The World



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