15 People Share Their Most Horrifying Sibling Stories

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 5:02 pm
By:James Fraser

If you are the only child in the family, this list will make you feel relieved instantly! If you have siblings, you will recall some of those horrifying moments you had during your childhood, caused by your siblings. Here are fifteen people who shared their horrific sibling stories. Check them now!
7.Another Nasty Case of Sibling Rivalry

You'd think I'd have done this as a child, but no; I was a full-on teenager. My sister embarrassed me in front of my friends one night so the next morning, before she had to leave for college, I sat down and pissed on her entire basket of laundry. She thought the dog did it and had to scramble to find clean clothes. Sisters are more ruthless than you'd expect. #noregrets

Another Nasty Case of Sibling Rivalry-15 People Share Their Most Horrifying Sibling Stories

8.This Poor Little Guy

When I was 6, I had a real nasty cold and knew my mom would force me to drink cough syrup before bed. So before she came upstairs, I dumped an entire bottle of it into my toy box. When she asked where it went, I claimed my 4-year-old brother drank it all. When he denied it, they didn’t believe him. He then spent the entire night at the hospital drinking liquid charcoal and having his stomach pumped.

This Poor Little Guy-15 People Share Their Most Horrifying Sibling Stories

9.This Embarrassing Situation

I put a pair of dirty underwear in my sister's binder when she was in sixth grade. The next day, she opened up her binder during school to find a pair of pink underwear with shit stains and rainbows on them!

This Embarrassing Situation-15 People Share Their Most Horrifying Sibling Stories