Mythical Creatures

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 10:38 am
By:Tony Williams


The entire idea of sirens was that they had the most beautiful voices and they would lure boats and sailors towards them before making them crash into the rocks. They are, therefore, deadly and need to be avoided just in case you are unlucky enough to ever come across them on your travels.

Sirens-Mythical Creatures


There is just something about a mermaid that draws us in because they are seen as being rather elegant and beautiful, but of course there is a dark side to them. These lovely creatures will lure you in and then kill you just for the sake of something to do, so no wonder sailors hated them.

Mermaid-Mythical Creatures


The cyclops is famous because of it having just the one eye in the middle of the head and lets face it that is a mixture of being cool as well as a bit scary. This creature appeared in both Greek and Roman mythology and it has also appeared in a few dodgy movies as well.

Cyclops-Mythical Creatures


Hydra was scary as it was a serpent with a number of heads, so you can imagine how difficult it would be trying to deal with that creature. It was deadly, it freaked people out when they heard about it, and ultimately it is one hell of a good mythical creature.

Hydra-Mythical Creatures


Pegasus was a winged horse and yes that does sound a bit strange, but these are mythical creatures so it is allowed. This comes from Greek mythology and it was seen as being the son of Poseidon, but even if you are not into the where and why of this creature you cannot help but say it is cool.

Pegasus-Mythical Creatures


This is the scary mythical creature of the deep and you have to admit that it would scare the life out of you thousands of years ago if you had to go on any water. This creature appeared in the Old Testament, but whether it was God or Satan behind it is unknown.

Leviathan-Mythical Creatures


The centaur was cool in that it was half man and half horse, so there was a great mixture going on there. OK it did lead to a conflict of interests within themselves, but it just looks amazing and that is good enough for it to be listed here among other cool mythical creatures.

Centaur-Mythical Creatures


If you are looking for a scary mythical creature, then surely the minotaur has to be high on your list. This is a beast that is a human on the bottom and a bull on the top half, so you can imagine how strong he is going to be in a fight. This is one creature you do not want to mess with.

Minotaur-Mythical Creatures


Anything that can breath fire is certainly not to be messed with and that is certainly the case with the dragon. This guy is scary, he takes no nonsense, and basically he will kill you at will, so avoid him at all costs in order to keep breathing.

Dragon-Mythical Creatures


Everybody loves the unicorn due to that single horn in the middle of its head. There is just something magical about them and indeed you will see them depicted on buildings and a whole host of other places such is our love for this rather cool creature.

Unicorn-Mythical Creatures


If you are looking for a mythical bird, then the phoenix is the one for you. We are all familiar with the concept of rising from the ashes and it comes directly from this mythical creature. This bird comes from Ancient Egypt, so the myth has been around for some time and it is still popular today.

Phoenix-Mythical Creatures


This is seen as being the scariest creature to have ever been on this planet and it appears on various myths including in the Old Testament. It is huge, it has massive claws, scary teeth, and basically it is one creature that you do not want to ever come across.

Behemoth-Mythical Creatures



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