Most Pirated Things In The World

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 1:37 pm
By:Tony Williams


Handbag piracy is huge in big cities and on the internet. With knock-offs and stolen real bags, paying top dollar is a thing of the past. Why pay $5000 for Louis Vuitton bag when you can pay $200? And with the internet there is no risk of going into a back alley to buy it.

Handbags-Most Pirated Things In The World

2.Domain Names

Domain piracy offers big money to those who register for domain names, preventing legit companies from purchasing the domain at a standard price. Instead, they hold the domain for ransom, demanding ridiculously high prices for the sale. Most times the business owner pays it, in order to own it, and not have their name dragged through the mud.

Domain Names-Most Pirated Things In The World

3.Designer Clothing

Stolen designer brands are pirated in back alleys in major cities, but also online. How can you be sure it's real? You can't and that's half of it, because knock-offs are looking so close to the real thing that hardly anyone can tell the difference, and that's what buyers are hoping.

Designer Clothing-Most Pirated Things In The World

4.Hardware Utilities

Stolen laptops and other electronics is a popular pirated item. Thieves steal these products, wipe them clean and re-sell them at a lower price than the stores, making a huge profit. People do not know the difference, or they don't care, but this business is booming in today's society.

Hardware Utilities-Most Pirated Things In The World


Free e-books in PDF or DOC are available on the internet for download. This takes money from the authors, publishers and distributors of the book. All kinds of books are pirated, from children's stories to best sellers. Even commercial agencies are doing this, figuring if you can't beat them, join them.

Books-Most Pirated Things In The World

6.Television Shows

Downloading television shows for free, even current seasons, is another top pirated item. Individuals upload seasons where others can download, resulting in people getting rid of their cable companies and just watching television online through this method. This cost the industry mega bucks as the cable companies lose as well as the networks.

Television Shows-Most Pirated Things In The World


When an individual purchases software they can crack the licensing which allows them to duplicate it and put it out there on the web so other people can use the software. Typically, a software company gives out one license per purchased software and it cannot be used by anyone else, until it is cracked and leaked online, costing software companies millions of dollars.

Software-Most Pirated Things In The World


Video game piracy is rampant today as not only users upload games to be downloaded, but developers do as well. There is a plethora of ways to download video games for free if you know what you are doing, or with a little research. This is costing video game companies large amounts of money.

Games-Most Pirated Things In The World


Pirating videos from YouTube has become easier and easier, with download tools available for just that. People post movies, television shows, interviews and more, in parts, until YouTube notices and removes it. That's enough time for people to download the entire video to keep, or upload for other people, paying it forward.

Videos-Most Pirated Things In The World


There are so many ways around lifting a stock image off the net, it is almost ridiculous that stock footage sites still try to sell the images. Most of their money comes from those wanting to print the images, in which case they need the high definition image, otherwise the public can just either right click and copy, or use a program that does it for them.

Images-Most Pirated Things In The World


Audio piracy has exploded since the days when Napster first hit the scene. Now the public can download songs for free online, or even download directly from YouTube and convert it into an MP3. The worst form of piracy is when moles record a hit single as it's being recorded in the studio and release it to the web before the official release by the studio.

Music-Most Pirated Things In The World


Movie piracy is one of the most prevalent thefts today. Someone shoots the movie discreetly at the premiere, or close to it, in theaters and then post it online. Viewers looking to save the skyrocketing prices of going to the movies would rather watch it this way, which is hurting box office sales in a huge way.

Movies-Most Pirated Things In The World



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