Horrible Deep Sea Creatures

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 6:43 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Goblin shark

Some sharks can actually look quite nice, but you just cannot say that about this version. As if that strange nose thing was not enough you also have to put up with some of the craziest looking teeth on any creature that exists on this planet. This is one ugly shark and the Great White must be ashamed to be related to it.

Goblin shark-Horrible Deep Sea Creatures


This creature has been known to come into more shallow water and indeed it has been caught by fishermen from time to time. However, you have to say that it is disgusting to look at and you would go crazy if this appeared in your nets as it really does just look like some kind of alien life form.

Viperfish-Horrible Deep Sea Creatures


When creatures where being designed it appears to be the case that this beast of the deep got all of the parts that were left over. Is there anything else out there that is actually as ugly as this? It would need to be seriously bad before you could say that this was more beautiful.

Snaggletooth-Horrible Deep Sea Creatures

4.Gulper Eel

This is also known by another name, which is the Pelican Eel, but not matter what you call it there is no doubt that it is a pretty horrible and disgusting creature. Its mouth means that it can swallow things that are bigger than itself, but then how does it deal with it if it does indeed manage to catch something of that size?

Gulper Eel-Horrible Deep Sea Creatures


This is actually something that exists even though you look at it and wish that that was not the case. It is disgusting and it is also well named considering it has that kind of growth thing out ahead of it that lures in the pray before it then eats them.

Anglerfish-Horrible Deep Sea Creatures

6.Pacific Blackdragon

OK this has to be one of the strangest things that you will ever see in your life and it does actually live in our oceans. Just look at it and see if you can find any redeeming features about it because the chances are it is completely impossible. Surely this is something out of a horror movie?

Pacific Blackdragon-Horrible Deep Sea Creatures


This guy is quite funny, but also horrible at the same time because they bury themselves face up in the sand so they can see what is going on above them. However, it is the eyes and indeed the mouth that make you wonder what on earth is going on because they really do not look that nice at all.

Stargazer-Horrible Deep Sea Creatures

8.Giant Isopod

This guy crawls along the sea bed in the Arctic ocean and you have to admit that he does look pretty horrible. This is something that you will never encounter and surely that is going to be a good thing when you see what he looks like?

Giant Isopod-Horrible Deep Sea Creatures


This is a strange one because on the one hand he is horrible, but on the other hand you kind of feel sorry for him because he just looks as if he is depressed. He lives around 1.2km down and you will tend to get him around the likes of Australia and New Zealand.

Blobfish-Horrible Deep Sea Creatures

10.Giant squid

The problem with this giant squid is that it has been known to come up to the surface every now and then, so we do know quite a lot about it and the stuff that we do know is rather scary to say the least. It is massive, it is horrible, and it is not something you want to catch on your fishing line.

Giant squid-Horrible Deep Sea Creatures

11.Vampire squid

This creature apparently has the biggest eyes in the world, in proportion to the rest of its body, and you have to admit that it is also rather ugly looking. However, the name is wrong because it does not suck blood, so perhaps it is not as scary as you first thought.

Vampire squid-Horrible Deep Sea Creatures


How scary looking is this guy? In all honesty his name does not even do him justice because he is a lot worse than a dragon and you are just thankful that he lives at a depth of around 2km so we never have to see him apart from via this image.

Dragonfish-Horrible Deep Sea Creatures



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