Hilarious End Of The World Signs

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 5:44 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Human Error

Something that the younger generation will understand, and maybe the only thing they can understand. Humanity has encountered an error and that error is letting computers and technology take over our lives. When there is talk about the end of the world, does that really just mean the death of the internet, making everyone go into a tailspin?

Human Error-Hilarious End Of The World Signs

2.Judgement Day

A family radio show that is consumed by the end of the world prophecies? He probably had to change his sign to December 21, 2012, and now he must have an empty sign. There is no real way to know when the world will end, but people will continue to predict.

Judgement Day-Hilarious End Of The World Signs

3.Specific End

This woman is really specific on when the world will end, and even helps us with the time differences in certain regions. According to her the world will end at nine o'clock at night but earlier in Newfoundland. Think about that. How could she possibly know this information, or why would she want to?

Specific End-Hilarious End Of The World Signs

4.Street Sign

A street sign that tell us that the end is near seems pretty official, especially with those ominous clouds looming about. We have to wonder where this sign actually is and what end they are referring to. There is the end of the road, the end of the city, or the end of the world.

Street Sign-Hilarious End Of The World Signs

5.Toilet Paper Roll

It would have been funnier if it read, "the end is rear," but this is still pretty funny. Really it only means the end of the roll is near, but with the end of the world fears, it has a double meaning. Who bothered to unroll an entire roll of toilet paper to write on it and then roll it back up?

Toilet Paper Roll-Hilarious End Of The World Signs

6.Clearout Sale

Another sign that plays up on people's fears that world was ending. Thinking they would get a refund if the world ended, they probably purchased much more than they would otherwise, not bothering to think that they wouldn't need these items if the world actually did end.

Clearout Sale-Hilarious End Of The World Signs

7.Breaking News

A great sign that makes fun of the end of the world prediction for 2012. As much of a joke as it is, it gives people hope for the planet to be here for a long time more. After we made it past December 21, 2012, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief, and now this sign tells them they are safe until 3012.

Breaking News-Hilarious End Of The World Signs

8.Mayan Prediction

A fun way to drum up business for a Pizza joint. There was so much hype about the world ending on December 21, 2012, they played up on people's fears by offering a refund on all pizza purchased that year, if the world ended. Did anyone stop to think that they wouldn't need the refund if the world was no longer here?

Mayan Prediction-Hilarious End Of The World Signs

9.Nigh Hitler

This sign is scary and very Hitler-esque. The End is Nigh. The guy crosses out the word "nigh" and writes "now." His clothing and his posture send the message even more so, as he stands with his sign for all to read. Is the world ending, or is he helping it to end.

Nigh Hitler-Hilarious End Of The World Signs

10.Have sex

Now this is a sign that makes sense. There's not a lot you can do if the world is ending, so you may as well have some fun. Everyone knows sex is fun, so this guy is playing up on the fact that people will take his message seriously, even if they believe it or not, he gets into their heads.

Have sex-Hilarious End Of The World Signs


You only live once is a motto that has been circulating with the younger crowd as they say or write, "YOLO." So if you only live once, you may as well look good. This sign is right on when it tells people to get their last haircut before the world ends. Do people stop to think why they would even care about their hair if indeed the world ended?

Haircut-Hilarious End Of The World Signs

12.Yard Sale

A great way to get people to your yard sale, mention the end of the world. Those who really and truly believe the world is ending won't be buying anything, but most people think it's all hype. All they know is that they will be getting a pretty good deal. Either way it will spark interest in people who may have passed the sign without much thought.

Yard Sale-Hilarious End Of The World Signs



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