Freaky Scientific Discoveries

Thursday, Mar 25, 2021, 9:22 am
By:Tony Williams

1.360 Year Old Lamprey Living Fossil

A 360 year old lamprey fossil is a living fossil was discovered in 2006. These types of giant leeches suction onto any living creature and sucks its blood. As a living fossil it can be used to study primitive behaviors and evolution. Something this large and this old lurking in the waters is what horror movies are made of.

360 Year Old Lamprey Living Fossil-Freaky Scientific Discoveries

2.Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Antibiotic resistant bacteria is bad enough on its own, not responding to antibiotics and spreading through the body. However, these bacteria also transfer their resistance to normal bacteria, making them unable to be treated with antibiotics. The result? Twenty three thousand people die per year from bacterial infections that just cannot be eradicated.

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria-Freaky Scientific Discoveries

3.Warp Drive

Physicist Harold White tweaked, "The Warp Drive: Hyper Fast Travel Within General Relativity," a1994 thesis written by Miguel Alcubierre. By adjusting the warp geometry which reduced the energy needed from the weight of 300 earths to roughly 1,600 pounds. This makes Warp Drive actually possible. Trekkies everywhere will be delighted to hear.

Warp Drive-Freaky Scientific Discoveries


4.Brain Orgasm From ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, ASMR for short, is a reaction that is caused by certain types of sounds, such as the crinkling of plastic or the whispers of a female voice. The resulting reaction is like an orgasm in the brain, a braingasm, so to speak. Are you multi-braingasmic?

Brain Orgasm From ASMR-Freaky Scientific Discoveries

5.Out Of Body Experience

The out of body experience that people talk about after having an accident, or being pronounced dead, can actually be real. Scientists have done experiments by having subjects look at a 3D image of the back of their own heads. As the subject does this, the scientist strokes them with a stick, disorienting the person and tricking their brain into believing that they are actually looking at themselves from the camera.

Out Of Body Experience-Freaky Scientific Discoveries

6.Combat Chocolate Cravings With Gila Monster

The saliva from the Gila Monster seems to stimulate the reward and motivation sensors in our brains, preventing our urge to overeat and killing hunger pains. The substance, exendin-4, found in the saliva reduces cravings for sweets and other foods, and even chocolate, which any chocoholic will tell you is the hardest craving to beat.

Combat Chocolate Cravings With Gila Monster-Freaky Scientific Discoveries

7.Male Turkey's Object Of Love

Just like male humans, a male turkey will mate with anyone as long as they're good looking. Using a fake female turkey, Martin Shein and Edgar Hale from the University of Pennsylvania, learned that the male was attracted to it. They then tried using only parts of the fake bird to see what part of the bird the male was attracted to. It seems the male strutted his stuff only when he saw the females pretty little head.

Male Turkey's Object Of Love-Freaky Scientific Discoveries

8.Parallel Universes Exist

It's true, there are parallel universes that exist with versions of ourselves in each universe, kind of like the television show "Fringe." UCSB Quantum Physicists experimented by placing a tiny paddle into a jar and created a vacuum. When they plucked the paddle like a guitar string, it vibrated, but also stood still at the same time, meaning it existed in two states at the same time.

Parallel Universes Exist-Freaky Scientific Discoveries

9.Herrings Communicate By Farting

He who smelt it dealt it. Well, not in the case of the herring. They fart in the water as they swim to communicate with each other. The fart is preceded by a release of 22khz of sound coming form their rectum. Herring do this the most in darkness and other herring detect the signals.

Herrings Communicate By Farting-Freaky Scientific Discoveries

10.Quantum Levitation

Quantum Levitation can make objects float in the air using a magnet and a superconductor that is cooled with liquid nitrogen. What does this mean for the future? It means that we could possible live to see a transit system that exists in the air. How great would that be?

Quantum Levitation-Freaky Scientific Discoveries

11.Body Integrity Disorder

Odd as it may seem, Body Integrity Disorder makes people believe whole heartedly that they are better off without their limbs. Due to incorrect limb to brain mapping, the patients are very uncomfortable with their limbs and choose to voluntarily have them amputated. This disorder can be horrific because a doctor will not perform such an operation to a healthy limb.

Body Integrity Disorder-Freaky Scientific Discoveries

12.How Giraffes Mate

Did you know that when giraffes want to mate the male giraffe sticks his head under the female giraffe? But not for reasons you may think. He nudges her bladder until she pees in his mouth, so he can taste if she is urinating. Now don't try this at home gentlemen.

How Giraffes Mate-Freaky Scientific Discoveries



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