Famous Internet Cats

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 9:22 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Sir Stuffington

Sir Stuffington is one of the most adored cats on the internet, often found wearing pirate garb, complete with an eye patch. The little kitten was found injured on the streets, and was taken in by a foster mom. Now he is thriving and has gained a huge following on FaceBook.

Sir Stuffington-Famous Internet Cats


Snoopybabe almost doesn't look rel. With big eyes that take up most of his face, he has found fame on the internet with 220,000 Instagram followers, 13,000 FaceBook fans, and 275,000 followers on Weibo. From China, the cat has made his way around the world in photos, showing his feline fondness for the camera.

Snoopbabe-Famous Internet Cats


The tiniest of internet cats, Daisy is about the size of baseball. Given the unofficial title of The Cuttest Little Kitten in the World, it's hard to deny when you catch a peek at the little feline in a basket, or playing the piano. Daisy has gained the attention of the world with the cutest little face you ever did see.

Daisy-Famous Internet Cats

4.Hamilton The Hipster Cat

With his cute white mustache, placed perfectly on his face, Hamilton The Hipster Cat is one amazing feline. His laid back demeanor gives him that cool hipster feel, that goes way beyond his amazing mustache. With followers on Instagram and fans on FaceBook, he is famous on the internet for being the coolest cat out there.

Hamilton The Hipster Cat-Famous Internet Cats

5.Princess Monster Truck

Her name alone is enough to draw attention, but with her crazy underbite and glowing yellow eyes, she is an internet big cat. Found on the streets of Brooklyn, she was taken in and nursed back to health. Now with her full, black fur coat, she is happy and content, with thousands of Instagram followers checking in for her latest photos.

Princess Monster Truck-Famous Internet Cats


The Scottish Fold named Roku has thousands of fans on FaceBook and followers on Instagram, becoming an overnight internet sensation after posing in costumes, such as Darth Vader, a duck, and more. Claiming to have aerodynamic ears, he posts about eating rainbows and pooping butterflies. Now that's quite some cat.

Roku-Famous Internet Cats

7.Maru And Hana

Maru the cat was probably one of the most famous cats on the internet, that was until his baby sister, Hana, came into the picture. Now the two are a team, sleeping in boxes together, climbing together and hanging out. The adorable kitten seems to look up to her big brother.

Maru And Hana-Famous Internet Cats


Muppet is a special pig cat that was rescued after Hurricane Sandy. The world watched as he grew from a frightened rescue cat, tiny in size, to a huge cat that happens to love Doritos. The adorable cat has captured the hearts of many followers who think of Muppet as the world's cat.

Muppet-Famous Internet Cats


Toco and his sister have grown up together, right before our very eyes, on the internet. With over 16,000 Instagram followers, all eager to catch a peek of the two napping and playing together, have made them both an internet sensation. A new baby has been added to the family, and hopefully to the photos soon.

Toco-Famous Internet Cats


The Russian Blue cat named Minnie has her own blog written in Finnish, her native tongue. The four year old feline has amazing green eyes, and is known as a writer, who entertains and delights. Her writing chops combined with her beautiful gray fur, and unique look have made her an internet sensation.

Minnie-Famous Internet Cats

11.Choupette Lagerfeld

When you're Karal Lagerfeld's cat, you can't help but be well known. With over 11,000 FaceBook likes and 35,000 Twitter followers, she is a celebrity in her own right. The Chanel creative director, Lagerfeld designed a collection inspired by his amazing white kitty. The two year old cat has matching white hair with her owner.

Choupette Lagerfeld-Famous Internet Cats


Pudge has her own website and is one of the most famous cats on the internet. Her smushed face and big cartoon eyes are enough to make anyone fall in love with her, but it's her mustache that really makes you smile. First, because she is a female, and secong, because she is a cat.

Pudge-Famous Internet Cats



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