Craziest Parkings Ever

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 12:02 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Breaking Down Walls

Breaking Down Walls

Breaking Down Walls-Craziest Parkings Ever

2.Sink Hole

It looks like this woman parked her car and came back to find it sunk in a hole. It's hard to know when the ground might become enveloped in water and give way, making you wonder what other parts of the world can just sink like that, right beneath our feet.

Sink Hole-Craziest Parkings Ever

3.Pole Park

What a great way to park cars and take up little room. Pile them on top of each other, eight to ten cars deep. However, we have to wonder how they got the cars up there. If it was possible to do, it might be the best way to prevent fighting for parking spots, especially during holidays.

Pole Park-Craziest Parkings Ever

4.Vertical Park

When there is no more spots left to park in on the horizontal plain, you go up. That's what this looks like at first glance, making this design hilarious. We have to wonder if the drivers of these vehicles really thought they could drive up the wall, and if anyone actually tried.

Vertical Park-Craziest Parkings Ever

5.Upside Down

This is one trick that would have been great to see. Not only did this driver manage a great parallel parking job, but they managed to flip the car at the same time. In reality, one has to wonder who would do that to their own car, and this was most likely the work of vandals.

Upside Down-Craziest Parkings Ever

6.Nose Dive

When the road disappears, you park and you leave. Yep, this truck had no place to go but down, when the road washed away. Nose diving beneath the asphalt and into the mucky water, parking rules don't apply. It's every man for themselves to get out and to safer ground.

Nose Dive-Craziest Parkings Ever

7.Over The Top

There was nowhere to park so the driver had to park on the other car. Yep, I don't see any other spots available, do you? Pretty good driving skills to get the car so perfectly aligned on top of the small car. Hopefully, the smaller car driver doesn't want to leave the party first.

Over The Top-Craziest Parkings Ever

8.Lean On Me

Must have been in quite a hurry to park and get going to their destination. The driver of this vehicle missed the curb, but left his vehicle perfectly balanced. Not bad, until the driver of the other vehicle decides to pull away. At least this guy got a great picture.

Lean On Me-Craziest Parkings Ever

9.Circle Jerks

Somebody parked outside the lines, and so on, and so on, and so on. A funny way to park these convertible sports cars we have to wonder with all the parking spaces available, how these cars ended up this way. Is it a valet parker's joke to keep himself amused during a slow day?

Circle Jerks-Craziest Parkings Ever

10.A Real Sap

How long has this car been parked? Covered in tree sap, mixed with bird poop, it's going to take a chainsaw to get this mess off. Some people don't pay attention to where they park their car, but we can only imagine what the owner of this vehicle will do when they finally return.

A Real Sap-Craziest Parkings Ever

11.Chain Gang

Looks like someone was driving a little too fast when they were parking next to that pole and chain. Hopefully the pole didn't go right into the car and through the seats, or whoever was in the car got a pretty big surprise. A neat way to park if you want to take up the least amount of room on the road.

Chain Gang-Craziest Parkings Ever

12.Between The Lines

You have to wonder what some people think when operating a motor vehicle. In this case, we have to wonder what this policeman is thinking. Most likely, he is wondering how the heck he is going to get that car out of there, but the bigger question is how did the driver get it that way to begin with.

Between The Lines-Craziest Parkings Ever



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