Amazing Entrances

Monday, Feb 3, 2020, 12:44 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Gate To Happiness - Somewhere

Looking like the entrance to Narnia, what is on the other side of this door, we all have to stop and wonder? We'll leave it up to your imagination, but it looks magical and bright. Looking ancient and royal, this entranceway welcomes you inside, if you dare, with a tempting warmth that builds curiosity.

Gate To Happiness - Somewhere-Amazing Entrances

2.Tusenfryd Amusement Park Ride - Oslo, Norway

At the Tusenfryd Amusement Park Ride - Oslo, Norway, an entrance to an abandoned ride is too great to tear down. The dragon's mouth stands at the ready, wanting to devour anyone who comes close. With teeth larger than a human being, we can all imagine what it would be like to be eaten by one of their mythical creatures.

Tusenfryd Amusement Park Ride - Oslo, Norway-Amazing Entrances

3.Children's Section Cerritos Millenium Library - Cerritos, California

A whimsical entrance to the children's section Cerritos Millenium Library, any kid would be amazed and excited to go here. With books larger than them and their parents, it feels as if they are walking on a bookshelf into a magical place behind a secret entrance. A fun entrance to this library that sparks the imagination.

Children's Section Cerritos Millenium Library - Cerritos, California-Amazing Entrances

4.Wonderworks - Orlando, Florida

You can expect the unexpected in Orlando when you visit Disney, but this place is as grand as they come when it comes to entranceways. Upside down and on its roof, this entranceway attracts the crowds. Unique in appearance and detail, visitors pose in front of it not knowing what to expect.

Wonderworks - Orlando, Florida-Amazing Entrances

5.St. James Church - Stow On The Wold - Cotswolds, England

A unique entranceway that looks to be built right into the landscape. With the posts being actual trees, the wooden door is grand and elegant. Looking like a cross between a real hobbit hole entrance and a Harry Potter Castle door, visitors can use their imagination as to what's inside.

St. James Church - Stow On The Wold - Cotswolds, England-Amazing Entrances

6.Store Somewhere

Talk about an entrance. This entrance way and storefront makes anyone walking by feel compelled to come in, even just to check out what this store is all about. And getting people to enter you store is half the battle of any business owner. A unique attraction and the best entrance on their block, and probably in their state.

Store Somewhere-Amazing Entrances

7.Oak Alley Mansion- Louisiana

This entrance to the Oak Alley Mansion in Louisiana, is simply remarkable and fit for a king. The tree lined bath welcomes guests as their branches reach over the top to meet each other. An elegant front view to a beautiful mansion that can only be realized to its full potential in person.

Oak Alley Mansion- Louisiana-Amazing Entrances

8.Dotonbori Hotel - Osaka, Japan

How amazing is this? Tourists love to take pictures in front of these strange looking statues. With just a head, legs and feet, these four guys sit out front of the Dotonbori Hotel in Osaka, Japan. Each face represents a different race, Asian, African, Arabian, and Western, to welcome guests from around the globe.

Dotonbori Hotel - Osaka, Japan-Amazing Entrances

9.Ras Mohommed National Park - Egypt

This entrance to the Ras Mohommed National Park in Egypt looks like stonehenge got a little tipsy. The giant boulders are formed at an angle creating an entranceway with a stone topping. With no other structures visible for miles, it's quite a sight to see and a huge attraction, in and of itself.

Ras Mohommed National Park - Egypt-Amazing Entrances

10.Oral Roberts University - Tulsa, Oklahoma

These gigantic praying hands are at the entrance to Oral Roberts University. Perfectly detailed, the large structure is pretty incredible, drawing crowds to just admire the hands in person. Taking pictures for prosperity, these hands are a symbol to all that Oral Roberts is about, and all that will come.

Oral Roberts University - Tulsa, Oklahoma-Amazing Entrances

11.Brockenheimer Warte Subway Station - Frankfurt, Germany

The entrance to the Bockenheimer Warte Subway Station in Frankfurt, Germany was inspired by Belgian painter, Rene Magritte. Created i 1986, this entrance is not your typical entry way to a subway station. Looking more like the station crashed into, or rose up out of, the ground, it's a landmark and tourist attraction.

Brockenheimer Warte Subway Station - Frankfurt, Germany-Amazing Entrances

12.The Liyobaa Cave - South America

Catholic Priests discovered a cave entrance to Hell, or so they said. The entrance is now sealed off by dirt, rubble, stones and boulders. Calling it the Cavern of death, translated from the word Liyobaa, is located in the province of Zapoteca, and was the last chamber of a temple.

The Liyobaa Cave - South America-Amazing Entrances



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