15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 6:08 pm
By:James Fraser

Tattoos are cool as long as you wear them the way they are intended to be! Tattoos look good on almost all parts of the body except face. Face is one thing in the body that shouldn't be messed up with tattoos. If someone wants a tattoo on face, there are still ways to get a decent one. Here are fifteen people who have got their face tattoo terribly wrong! Yes, they look insane and stupid!
13.porn Website Logos as Tattoos

Oh boy, these people have got serious psychological issues! Watch this man who had logos and names of porn websites as tattoos, that too on his face! This is disgusting, and we guess no one will appreciate his tattoo work, or call him cool and unique. This is nothing but taking stupidity to a next level.

porn Website Logos as Tattoos-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

14.Taking Face Tattoo to an All New Level

His face is okay and impress only if it was a makeup! Unfortunately, that was a tattoo and he has to live with that scaring people around him in the nights, particularly kids. He looks really scary with this tattoo. This is nothing but taking face tattooing to an all new level!

Taking Face Tattoo to an All New Level-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

15.He Can Impress No One

Can you guess what this guy is hoping for? Let us tell you he's not going to get what he is hoping for! That's one completely senseless and mindless tattoo to wear on face. This weirdo has few other tattoos on his face if you can see. There's a "Fuck You" tattoo on his forehead, and this guy even tattooed two teardrops

He Can Impress No One-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos