15 Images That Look Fake, But Are Actually True

Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 6:22 pm
By:James Fraser

Unfortunately, internet is full of fake pictures. You see tons of fake photos in Facebook or other social media sites that easily make you think everything you see on internet is fake. However, not all of them are fake. Here are fifteen images (and stories behind them) that look fake, But are Actually True.
7.This Coconut Crab

This monstrous looking crab is real. These crabs are called coconut crabs. These coconut crabs are largest living arthropods on earth. They are called coconut crabs because they live on eating coconuts. Robber crab and palm thief are their other names. Guess where you can find these crabs? Australia!!!

This Coconut Crab-15 Images That Look Fake, But Are Actually True

8.Venus the Two Faced Cat

Doesn't this cat picture just look like those perfectly photoshopped pictures we see? But, this is real. Meet Venus, the two faced cat! Venus is now the world's most popular cat, thanks to its rare and highly unique two colored face. Her face is a mystery, as even research experts failed to find a reason why this cat looks different.

Venus the Two Faced Cat-15 Images That Look Fake, But Are Actually True

9.A Half Graffiti Hotel

This picture looks like it was a half done Photoshopped picture, right? As usual, it wasn't! This picture is real, so does the room you are seeing it. This is a room in hotel named Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France. This is one of the many rooms in that hotel. Every room in that hotel has a cool and unique artistic style.

A Half Graffiti Hotel-15 Images That Look Fake, But Are Actually True