Top Turn Ons For Women

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 5:28 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Lending An Ear

There is a lot of strife in this crazy world and it takes its toll on women. They need to talk about it with their fellas. If a man can lend an ear and actually have it be open, women would be very appreciative. It doesn't take much. Just sit there and let her spill her beans. And don't be afraid to let it affect you.

Lending An Ear-Top Turn Ons For Women


Life is a busy place for the modern woman and she needs help from time to time. If a man can read between the lines and know when to get off his butt and take over the kitchen cooking duties for a night, the Ladies would really appreciate it. So step up in the kitchen, fellas, and give your lady a break.

Cooks-Top Turn Ons For Women

3.Sensual Massage

After a long day it's nice to know your man cares enough to see how tense and stressed you are, and without even your asking he just grabs you and gives you that massage you so desperately need. The loving touch mixed with some knot relaxing stress relief is so important to a woman.

Sensual Massage-Top Turn Ons For Women


Women are extremely emotional beings. They need to express themselves constantly and know they are being heard. One way they feel that great connection is if a man can be on that same level of communication and openness. If a man can cry and expose himself like that, a woman can really fall hard.

Sensitive-Top Turn Ons For Women

5.Makes Her Feel Special

A little surprise here, a little token of love there. Women adore little acts of love expression. It lets them know the fellas are thinking about them. Plus it's something they can show there girlfriends and try to determine who's man loves who more. It doesn't even have to be much. Just a little something to show love.

Makes Her Feel Special-Top Turn Ons For Women

6.Well Dressed

How a man dresses is a direct reflection of who he is and woman take great consideration of this. They like to see a man who has it stuff together. Sloppy clothes thrown together ain't getting the job done for the Ladies. Women put so much time in their appearance, men could put in a little bit.

Well Dressed-Top Turn Ons For Women


The sense of smell is one of most sensitive and the power of a mans scent is quite immense. That's why the perfume/ cologne industry is as sprawling as it is. Woman can get lost in the scent of a man they fancy. The natural pheromones are mother natures great extra incentive to get people together.

Scent-Top Turn Ons For Women

8.Makes Her Feel Beautiful

There are a lot of pressures for women to feel attractive from society. And a lot of elements telling them why aren't pretty enough with out this make up or these shoes. What they really need from the fellas is a sense that they are really beautiful, even beyond all the make up, heels, fake hair, and propped up boobies.

Makes Her Feel Beautiful-Top Turn Ons For Women


Women are sensitive beings that require at least a good attempt at foreplay. While men and women often have different ideas of what works for the play, the fellas need to take there time. Ladies love cool James. And you know that L.L. Cool Jay takes his time to let the Ladies get in the mood!

Foreplay-Top Turn Ons For Women

10.Genuine Smile

There are a lot of swindlers and prankster out there in the world and women have to deal with them constantly. Fellas, keep the slick Rick, sly grin for the alley girls. Most women love a smile that shows a sexy warmth, without too many things up its sleeve. A smile can reveal a real heart that this world desperately needs.

Genuine Smile-Top Turn Ons For Women

11.Nice Eyes

The captivating gaze of that special someone is sure to set woman's hearts ablaze. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and that's just what women wanna see. Get down to business. Show what is behind the mask. Lay it out on the table. Friendly and nice, or mysterious and dangerous, women are dying to see.

Nice Eyes-Top Turn Ons For Women


For women, it's all about a good kiss to get their pilot lit. A man who knows how to kiss can make his way further along in the ocean of women. Women need that romance and sweet kisses fill them up with that good old loving feeling. Soft or more aggressive, you have to feel the woman out and they will let you.

Kissing-Top Turn Ons For Women

13.Make her smile

Women love men who are funny and are attracted to men who make her smile, Not to be confused with clowns, But trust us when we say this. According to a survey, one thing most women look in a man is his sense of humor. You must have observed this at any event or in your college, The guy who cracks up jokes all the time is often surrounded by women, but never ever make a joke on her, That would make her really angry.

Make her smile-Top Turn Ons For Women

14.Surprise her

Once in a while try surprising her with a gift or taking her to somewhere nice, She will love it.
Want a priceless option? Make her a sandwich once in a while or do the dishes, She will be all over you. But make sure you don't ruin her plans while trying to surprise her. Don't plan out a dinner when she has already made the dinner for both of you.

Surprise her-Top Turn Ons For Women


Not that most guys don't do it, but she always appreciate Chivalry especially if you have never done it. Women appreciate when men open the door for her or pull out the chair at a restaurant, Chivalry can actually get you laid if done right.

Chivalry-Top Turn Ons For Women



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