Things You Think About At A Wedding

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 10:16 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Those bridesmaids are horrible

Of course the bride has to look the best, but there are some weddings where you look at the bridesmaids and wonder what on earth is going on with their outfit. It is almost as if the bride is making extra sure that nobody could say that they look better than her.

Those bridesmaids are horrible-Things You Think About At A Wedding

2.Why does it go on so long?

Some weddings just seem to go on for longer than others and those are the ones that you end up absolutely hating. It just feels as if time stands still and you will start watching that clock as it gets slower and slower.

Why does it go on so long?-Things You Think About At A Wedding

3.I hope I don't cry

Women spend ages doing their makeup, but then they go and ruin it all by crying as they get far too emotional at what is going on. They spend ages trying to stop themselves from tearing up, but quite often they are just not successful.

I hope I don't cry-Things You Think About At A Wedding

4.Why are kids so annoying?

You do end up wondering why kids have to be so annoying when they are at a wedding because they always seem to just run around shouting and then falling over. Quite often you will get to the point of wondering why they have been brought here in the first place.

Why are kids so annoying?-Things You Think About At A Wedding

5.Are those really my parents?

Parents seem to have a habit of letting their hair down at a wedding, but this then causes a problem for their child who is watching on and wishing they could divorce them. You always see a different side to them and that is very scary indeed.

Are those really my parents?-Things You Think About At A Wedding

6.I feel so lonely!!

If you are there without a partner, then it is common for people to start to feel very lonely and believe that they will never be married. However, you never know what, or who, is just around the corner, so there is no need to give up the ghost quite yet.

I feel so lonely!!-Things You Think About At A Wedding

7.I would love a bit of cake

You look at that huge wedding cake and you just wish that it had already been cut so that you can try a bit. You know that you are just going to get a small bit, but it all counts.

I would love a bit of cake-Things You Think About At A Wedding

8.That dancing is horrible

You will look at the dance floor and wonder what on earth is going on as there are always some people doing some crazy dance moves that are just horrible to look at. The problem here is you end up feeling embarrassed for them.

That dancing is horrible-Things You Think About At A Wedding

9.Can I get more on this plate?

How many times do you go to a wedding and see somebody with their plate piled high with food and you wish that you were them? It becomes a real test to see how you can add more to it without things falling off.

Can I get more on this plate?-Things You Think About At A Wedding

10.My gift is not that impressive

People are very sensitive about the size of their gifts at weddings because nobody likes to be shown up or for others to think that they are tight with their money. This lead to anxiety as people look at what others have given and start to wonder if they did enough.

My gift is not that impressive-Things You Think About At A Wedding

11.When do we get to eat?

One of the best parts about the wedding is when you finally get to eat, so people will start to wonder what the food is going to be like long before they get to that point in the proceedings. Will it be nice? Will it be too fancy? So many questions.

When do we get to eat?-Things You Think About At A Wedding

12.Why that dress?

A lot of women will look at what other people are wearing at the wedding and start to be rather critical of their outfits. They will wonder why on earth they decided on picking that dress in the first place whereas guys will often just accept their outfit for what it is.

Why that dress?-Things You Think About At A Wedding



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