Things Girl Don't Know About Boys

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 3:13 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Guys plan out their talk

Do you know when a guy calls you, he actually plans out a perfect conversation in his head but when he starts talking he forgets everything and makes it up as he goes. This is just to avoid the awkward silences in between the conversation and he just wants to keep talking to you.

Guys plan out their talk-Things Girl Don't Know About Boys

2.Don't give him advice

Usually when guys start talking about their problems, girls think they should come up with a solution for him but in actual reality he just wants someone to listen to him rather than getting an advice. He just needs someone to share what he is going through and at that moment a little nice love hug and ears to listen to him is more than anything he wants.

Don't give him advice-Things Girl Don't Know About Boys

3.Guys cannot actually talk to girls they like

You might have seen some boys who keep on talking for no reason but what you didn't know is guys usually stammer when talking to the girl they really like or love. The guys who usually flatter you might not actually love you but the ones who are afraid to talk to you are the ones who are actually into you.

Guys cannot actually talk to girls they like-Things Girl Don't Know About Boys

4.Guys can sacrifice almost anything for girls

Yes that's true. I guy can sacrifice his sleep, his work and even parents just to make you happy and make sure you are fine, Not because he wants to get laid, it's just because he likes you more than anything in the world. So now you know why they opt for suic*de after a heartbreak because you mean the world to him.

Guys can sacrifice almost anything for girls-Things Girl Don't Know About Boys

5.Guys talk about girls

This may be interesting to know that Guys talk more about girls than girls talk about boys. Guys are just too much obsessed with girls, they can't spend a day thinking about them. Even when they are on a get together with their male friends they talk about girls, while girls have other good things to talk about.

Guys talk about girls-Things Girl Don't Know About Boys

6.Guys hate ex boyfriend stories

A lot of times girls start babbling about their past boyfriends and how it went on and end up, Please no guy wants to hear that!! They are interested in you not your ex so stop talking about him. If you are still into him so much then why don't you go back to him. Not to mention about the girls who hook up with new guy just to make her ex jealous but hey, you are not only wasting your time but also cheating with this guy and end up breaking his heart.

Guys hate ex boyfriend stories-Things Girl Don't Know About Boys

7.Guys are attention seekers

People say girls are attention seekers, but do you know guys are not behind either. Guys do some of the wackiest things to grab a girl's attention, They can even become a clown just to make you smile. So girls make sure you give him your attention otherwise he might do things that will embarrass you.

Guys are attention seekers-Things Girl Don't Know About Boys

8.Guys are very emotional

You might have heard that quote "guys think with their heart and girls think with their brain". Well, it is true, Guys are more emotional than girls so if you are hooking up with someone make sure he's the one otherwise the heartbreak might make him do things unexpected. I know it's not true with all men, there are few of them who hook up with every other girl but this is true for most of the boys.

Guys are very emotional-Things Girl Don't Know About Boys

9.Girls who workout

This might be well known to most of the girls that how much guys love seeing girls in their workout outfit while doing some crunches, chin ups, jogging etc. Yes, it is true. It turns on guys when they see a girl with those outfits in gyms, morning walks. First reason is girls look hot in these clothes and the second one is that they know that the girl is health conscious and can manage things of her own. So if you are trying to hit on some guy, grab your sneakers and that workout outfit and start running now.

Girls who workout-Things Girl Don't Know About Boys

10.Guys hate girls who smoke

A lot of girls think that it's cool to smoke as the guys do but let me warn you, it's a complete turn off for them. Although some very bad smokers do like seeing their girls smoking but it won't work out in the long run. He might stay with you for sometime for pleasure but if you are thinking of starting a family with him then please stop smoking, No guy wants their wife breastfeeding their child while smoking.

Guys hate girls who smoke-Things Girl Don't Know About Boys



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