Most Common Reasons For A Divorce

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 7:46 pm
By:Tony Williams


If you have a job where you work away a lot, or work long hours, then this could be putting a serious strain on your marriage. Divorce can actually end up being an option if your partner never sees you because even if you are making a lot of cash you need a very understanding partner who will be happy with that as opposed to never seeing you.

Work-Most Common Reasons For A Divorce

2.Financial issues

People may suffer from financial issues and this can then lead to a whole host of problems within the marriage. Money worries can ultimately lead to arguments, people being blamed for the problem, unequality, and also being abused, so it is no surprise that it can lead to divorce.

Financial issues-Most Common Reasons For A Divorce

3.Outside stresses

If there have been different outside stresses, then that can at times culminate in divorce. People may feel as if there is pressure from elsewhere that it then leads to some strain on their marriage and sadly that is the thing that can often end.

Outside stresses-Most Common Reasons For A Divorce

4.Being abused

Staggeringly almost 30% of people state some kind of abuse as a reason to get divorced and that is quite sad in itself. This abuse can take a number of different forms including both physical as well as mental, but no matter what it is you need to consider divorce to get away from it.

Being abused-Most Common Reasons For A Divorce


Quite simply there are people out there who end up getting divorced simply because they feel they were just not prepared for married life. They may have read about it, spoken to others, and felt that it was the thing to do, but then they realize it is not all it is cracked up to be on their part and regret it pretty early on.

Unprepared-Most Common Reasons For A Divorce


Marriage is supposed to involve two equals, so if it is weighted more to one person than the other, then surely that can ultimately lead to some resentment and be the source of a number of arguments? If you feel as if all of the responsibility is on your shoulders, then divorce may actually be a viable option.

Unequal-Most Common Reasons For A Divorce

7.Different expectations

Divorce may come as a result of people having different expectations of one another in the marriage and a major difference in opinion can often then lead to all kinds of problems. There is little point in you being married if you are both reading off different pages, so divorce may be the kindest thing to do.

Different expectations-Most Common Reasons For A Divorce

8.Too young

Believe it or not, but over 40% of people that are divorced will state that they felt they were too young when they got married. This comes across as them wanting to experience life a bit more, but they feel they cannot do this due to their partner.

Too young-Most Common Reasons For A Divorce


Over 50% of divorces actually cite arguments as one of the reasons why they are looking for a divorce. This is kind of understandable because if you are arguing on a constant basis you are surely going to be worn down and when communication becomes an issue, then the end may very well be in sight.

Arguments-Most Common Reasons For A Divorce

10.No real commitment

Commitment has to work two ways, but if one person appears to basically be disinterested in the marriage, then surely there is a problem? At this stage it looks to outsiders as there only being one person in the marriage and at this point you are best to cut your losses and look elsewhere.

No real commitment-Most Common Reasons For A Divorce

11.Long term separation

If the two of you have been separated for some time and are basically living your own lives, then this can often be grounds for a divorce. This is the type where there is usually less hassle associated with it because people have already moved on and the divorce part is merely a formality.

Long term separation-Most Common Reasons For A Divorce


Obviously one of the most common reasons for a divorce is cheating because if somebody cheats, then the trust is lost. There is also the fear that if they have been capable of cheating once, then they can do so again.

Cheating-Most Common Reasons For A Divorce



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