How To Be A Good Wife

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 6:41 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Become Best Friends

Be a good companion to your husband and never forget to have fun together. After all that is why you both got together in the first place.

Become Best Friends-How To Be A Good Wife

2.Saying Sorry

When you feel you were wrong don't be afraid to say sorry. Whoever said being in love means you don't have to say sorry was clearly not all there and is probably no longer married.

Saying Sorry-How To Be A Good Wife

3.Kids Do Change Everything

When couples have kids there is less time to spend alone together. Instead of isolating yourself or taking turns with the kids do fun things as a family. This way you can still get time to spend together.

Kids Do Change Everything-How To Be A Good Wife

4.Roll With The Changes

Love may change and deepen and love may change from year to year and month to month. You both may not be as passionate as you were at first, but other feelings replace those. If your love life is not so frequent as it used to be it does not mean it is over.

Roll With The Changes-How To Be A Good Wife

5.Become a Team

All couples face challenges and trials. Remember you are both a team and can get through anything together. Be supportive of each other and crises will seem less daunting.

Become a Team-How To Be A Good Wife

6.Changes and Times

People change and so do their bodies and outlook. Understand that getting older does bring about certain changes in person. Be an inspiration to yourself and your husband and have realistic expectations of him. Being 50 is very different to being 25.

Changes and Times-How To Be A Good Wife

7.Accept Your Husband

He is a different person to you. Love him for his differences. It would be a mistake to try and make him think just like you do, plus that would turn out quite boring too.

Accept Your Husband-How To Be A Good Wife


Have realistic expectations of both your husband and yourself. Perhaps you do not have the car or dream you both planned for years ago. That is OK, the best approach is to start planning again together. Don't be angry he did not turn into what you expected. You need to remember that you loved him as he was then.

Expectations-How To Be A Good Wife

9.Chat To Him

Chatting to a friend about your problems with your husband might help get another perspective, but the best person to talk to is your husband himself. You can tell him what is bugging you and you can both work through it. Never discuss your husband and your relationship with parents.

Chat To Him-How To Be A Good Wife

10.Rage is Destructive

While rage should be taken note of and accepted, it can be detrimental to a relationship. Never rage in front of the kids and also remember that hearing your husband will help you to communicate your feelings on the matter. Rage is a by product of pent up feelings so use your talking time with your husband more constructively.

Rage is Destructive-How To Be A Good Wife

11.Small Stuff

Don't sweat the small stuff. Losing one's temper over small things just creates a negative atmosphere for the whole family. Choose your battles and these might be much more important issues than a few dirty socks on the floor.

Small Stuff-How To Be A Good Wife


Learning to be specific is important in a relationship. For example: 'I feel ignored when you do not spend time with me between 5pm and 8pm'. Is better than shouting 'You are neglectful'. Sometimes those types of communications can be confusing and cause defensiveness.

Communicate-How To Be A Good Wife



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