Different Kisses And Their Meanings

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 1:11 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Glasgow Kiss

A Glasgow kiss is just a slang term for a head butt, so if somebody asks if you want one, then do remember to decline their offer. The place name can change quite easily, but anytime that there is a specific city mentioned you can be pretty sure that it involves something that is not nice at all.

Glasgow Kiss-Different Kisses And Their Meanings

2.Neck kiss

This kiss is quite intimate and it is the perfect kiss to follow some French kissing among lovers. It involves gently kissing on the neck and it is seen as being very loving and something that all couples should do at some point in their relationship.

Neck kiss-Different Kisses And Their Meanings

3.Air kiss

The air kiss is seen as a welcoming kiss and it should not be taken as really meaning anything other than being an elaborate way to say hello. It just involves you making the noises and kissing fresh air, so is there actually much point to this or is it just a waste of your time?

Air kiss-Different Kisses And Their Meanings

4.Cheek kiss

This kiss involves a closed mouth and giving the person a peck on the cheek. This is often seen as a bit of a flirty kiss without it getting too close and personal. It is also used to say hello and goodbye in a number of cultures, so it has to be one of the most common kisses in the world.

Cheek kiss-Different Kisses And Their Meanings

5.Lingering lip

The idea of this kiss is to just have lips touching, but with no tongues or real movement and to do so for at least 30 seconds. This is a kiss that really is all about deep true love for a person as it is intimate, caring, and sensual at the same time.

Lingering lip-Different Kisses And Their Meanings

6.Upside down

This kiss actually comes from the Spiderman movie, so it is a relatively new one. It is actually seen as being quite a romantic kiss, but it does take some planning in order to pull it off the correct way and of course the guy has to work out how he rights himself after the kiss.

Upside down-Different Kisses And Their Meanings

7.Earlobe kiss

This is actually quite an intense and intimate kiss that is perfect for lovers. It involves gently nibbling on the earlobe and it is a surefire sign that the person doing the kissing really does love and adore the person that they are with.

Earlobe kiss-Different Kisses And Their Meanings

8.Hand kiss

This kiss generally stands for adoration, respect, and kindness and indeed it is the one kiss you would see in movies that go back decades before kissing on screen was really allowed. It is seen as being very gentle and is a rather special kiss without it being too intimate.

Hand kiss-Different Kisses And Their Meanings

9.Single lip

This single lip kiss is one that gives out some seriously strong romantic signals to your partner. It involves you taking one of their lips into your mouth and gently sucking on it and when it is done correctly there is no mistaking what they mean to you.

Single lip-Different Kisses And Their Meanings

10.French kiss

This is a kiss that everybody is going to be familiar with and it is seen as being a kiss that is full of love and passion and is ideal for people in a relationship. This is seen as being the ultimate romantic kiss, but in actual fact it is very difficult to get right and does require some practice.

French kiss-Different Kisses And Their Meanings

11.Eskimo kiss

This kiss is a way for two people to show affection for one another and indeed it is a perfect kiss between parent and child. It is soft and is certainly non-threatening and that is why it is best in these kinds of circumstances.

Eskimo kiss-Different Kisses And Their Meanings

12.Forehead kiss

This forehead kiss is often seen as one that is used by people that are just friends. It is non-threatening and it is also not too over the top with affection. It is seen as being a starter kiss by some people, however, when it is done between couples it can also be seen as a sign of deep affection.

Forehead kiss-Different Kisses And Their Meanings



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