Dangerous Countries To Live 2013

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 3:08 pm
By:Tony Williams


Zimbabwe is a country where corruption is the norm and if you are not all cozy with the ruling party, then you are at serious risk of being beaten, murdered, or blackmailed. People will just take your property and kill you if you try to stand up to them, so the safest option is to avoid living there at all costs.

Zimbabwe-Dangerous Countries To Live 2013


Nigeria is dangerous due to a group called Boko Haram. They are terrorists and they are known to blow up buildings and commit mass murder to further their cause. There are other reasons as to why you should not go there such as corruption, kidnapping for ransom, and people just generally not caring about the law or trying to avoid breaking it.

Nigeria-Dangerous Countries To Live 2013


Somalia has a pirate problem, but that is not the main reason as to why it is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to live in. The main reason is due to extremists and a huge civil war that has led to different parts of the country being ruled by different people and this has led to a lot of violence completely destroying the security of the country. Avoid at your peril.

Somalia-Dangerous Countries To Live 2013


Terrorism, the Taliban, bombs, kidnappings, are there any other reasons as to why you should not want to go and live in Afghanistan? It was never a nice place to live in the first place, but in the last decade things have certainly got a lot worse with vast chunks of the country basically being quite lawless and it is undoubtedly a place that you need to go and avoid.

Afghanistan-Dangerous Countries To Live 2013


Iraq does not need any explanation as to why it is a dangerous place to live. The war may have ended, but there are still numerous bombings, kidnappings, and armed militias running all over the country killing people apparently at will. It is dangerous if you are an Iraqi, but even more dangerous if you are foreign.

Iraq-Dangerous Countries To Live 2013


It is clear as to why Syria is now on this list of the most dangerous countries to live in as it is entirely due to the civil war that is currently going on all over the country. The fact that chemical weapons have also been used does just add to the danger, but people are fleeing or being killed in huge numbers, so do you really want to live in a country like that?

Syria-Dangerous Countries To Live 2013


Yemen is now one of the most dangerous countries in the world thanks mainly to terrorism. It is home to one of the deadliest militant groups in the Middle East and this has led to a rise in kidnappings and the killing of foreigners, although locals are also subject to their harsh interpretation of Islamic law. This really is not a safe place to even visit never mind live.

Yemen-Dangerous Countries To Live 2013


Sudan appears on this list thanks to the problems it has faced since the break with what is now South Sudan. This has led to terrorist attacks, a breakdown of law and order, and even serial killings are on the rise in the country. This does mean that you can never feel safe there and when that is the case then you need to realize it is a dangerous country.

Sudan-Dangerous Countries To Live 2013


Haiti has been in the news in the last few years, but that is due to different natural disasters that have apparently plagued the country. This has led to a complete breakdown of society, so it is a dangerous place to live due to the weather, health, and people being desperate to actually be able to survive.

Haiti-Dangerous Countries To Live 2013


The problem that Honduras has is that people seem to love to kill others. This is mainly linked to gangs and gang culture, but it does mean that it has the highest murder rate anywhere in the world. This alone makes it a dangerous place to live and it does fully deserve to appear on any list such as this one.

Honduras-Dangerous Countries To Live 2013


Pakistan has several problems that can affect different parts of the country. Various cities are at risk of terrorist attacks and there have been a number of bombings over recent years. There is also the problem with political attacks, riots, murders, and there are also ethnic issues in different regions. Overall it really is quite a dangerous place to live.

Pakistan-Dangerous Countries To Live 2013


The country of Niger is not exactly the richest in the world, but it is certainly one of the most dangerous countries to live in. The reason why it is so dangerous is due to Islamic extremists, massive poverty, and lots of guns, oh and kidnapping people for ransom is a popular hobby, so the chances of something happening to you are very high indeed.

Niger-Dangerous Countries To Live 2013



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