Benefits Of Getting Married

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 8:08 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Better health plans

You will find that your health plans change, and change for the better, and you can also save money in the process. This is going to give you some peace of mind and you should also see if your employer has certain plans that are suitable for married couples.

Better health plans-Benefits Of Getting Married

2.Shared expenses

You are going to both save money when married due to having shared expenses although obviously this does also apply if you are co-habiting. It just seems to give everything a more concrete feeling when you are married and everything feels a bit more formal even down to the expenses.

Shared expenses-Benefits Of Getting Married

3.Get better loans

If you both work, then when it comes to getting a loan you will find that companies are going to be more open to giving you the money. It is also the case that you will be able to apply for more cash as well, but of course this does not apply if only one of you works.

Get better loans-Benefits Of Getting Married

4.Can help your credit score

If your credit score is poor and you marry somebody who has a great score, then your score is going to be pulled up a bit thanks to being married. However, on the flip side their score will go down due to you having had a few financial problems earlier in life.

Can help your credit score-Benefits Of Getting Married

5.Cheaper insurance

This may sound strange, but with some companies you will get a reduction on your car insurance the very moment you get married. Why this will suddenly make you a better driver is a mystery, but it can translate into quite a large sum of money.

Cheaper insurance-Benefits Of Getting Married

6.Largest standard deduction

When it comes to income tax, then you are better off being married according to the government. Quite simply, the IRS will give you double the deduction if you are married along with personal allowances, so it does make financial sense at least in this way.

Largest standard deduction-Benefits Of Getting Married

7.You live longer

A study carried out by UCLA seemed to show that if you are married you tend to live longer. The study period lasted for eight years and it showed that if you were single you were 88% more likely to die during those years.

You live longer-Benefits Of Getting Married

8.More sex

This one is probably self-explanatory, but British researchers showed that people that are married do have more sex. This is something that applies around the world and you can probably work out for yourself why this is the case.

More sex-Benefits Of Getting Married

9.Stay out of trouble

It is said that if you are married, then you are less likely to get into trouble. One strange statistic is that you are four times more likely to be involved in a violent incident if you are single than if you are married.

Stay out of trouble-Benefits Of Getting Married

10.Apparently you earn more?

Believe it or not, but there are studies by universities that show people that are married earn, on average, up to 22% more than single people. Why this happens is still a bit of a mystery, but maybe it is due to an increased sense of responsibility.

Apparently you earn more?-Benefits Of Getting Married

11.Makes you happy

Studies have shown that getting married does indeed make you happy, well at least at first, and that does come with a number of benefits. People who are married report that they are happier with their lives in general compared even to people that are simply co-habiting.

Makes you happy-Benefits Of Getting Married

12.Inheritance tax

By getting married you can actually look at getting some tax breaks and one of the most important ones is inheritance tax. What happens here, at least in the United Kingdom, is that your spouse can have everything that you have transferred over to them, no matter how much it is worth, without them paying one single bit of tax. If you are not married, then you can be hit by up to 40%.

Inheritance tax-Benefits Of Getting Married



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