12 Beautiful Yet Hilarious Love Memes

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 10:09 am
By:James Fraser

There are millions of people living on our planet, but you fall in love only with one person, and no one knows why your heart chooses that person over others. Love is an enigmatic feeling only who are in an affectionate relationship experience. They may or may not last long, but those beautiful moments of warmth, care, and kindness, set us, humans, apart from other living beings on Earth. Come; cherish the beauty of love with these wonderful love memes. Check these 12 love memes and share them with your loved ones!
10.Love Is Like A Fart…

Just like the previous one, this love meme talks about farts too! The good thing is it has an entirely different meaning than that of the previous one. This meme has an important message everyone needs to understand. Never try to force people to love you or relationships to happen! If a pair is meant to stay together, they are going to live together anyway. When you love someone deeply, and when they are ignoring you, the best thing you can do is to let them know how much they mean to you without pissing them off. 

Love Is Like A Fart… -12 Beautiful Yet Hilarious Love Memes

11.True Love!

"When you both gained a few pounds, but the love is strong!" 
Have you ever wondered why married couples often look out of shape? They no longer focus on their bodies or appearance because they don't need to impress anyone! They tend to relax, eat more, and spend their life, not worrying about things that usually bother single people. If you find your girlfriend or boyfriend getting fat, take that as a positive sign from a relationship perspective. Gaining too much weight is not good for health, though. 

True Love!-12 Beautiful Yet Hilarious Love Memes

12.Things We Do For Love!

What an amazing photo this is! That's a pair of anoles (lizards) in the picture. The way the male anole holding up his girlfriend is simply amazing! Look at that female anole; she's taking a peaceful nap. This is exactly how an average girl wants her boyfriend to be; caring, protective, and willing to make a lot of sacrifices just to keep her happy. The whole of the internet thinks that the girl in the picture is just sleeping. If you think she's riding her guy, well, you belong to a small group that hates popular opinion!

Things We Do For Love!-12 Beautiful Yet Hilarious Love Memes