15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 3:47 pm
By:Tony Williams

Technology has completely changed the way humans interact with each other. It also changed the way people see sexual satisfaction. 'Sexting' is a thing. It is so popular that it became an acceptable word throughout the world. Sexting is nothing but role playing a sexual encounter via text messages. Sometimes it goes bad. Here are fifteen times sexting went completely wrong.
1.This Guy Who Failed to Catch the Hints

That girl was clearly trying to start a sexual conversation. She hinted him twice to start a raunchy conversation. That guy seemed to be on track until he asked her to go take a shower. Do you think that guy failed to catch her hints? Or, is he really uncomfortable around people who don't take showers when they are dirty? We never know!

This Guy Who Failed to Catch the Hints-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

2.This Sexting That Went a Little Extreme

She sounds more like a cannibal than a pretty girl! Nevertheless, this is another sexting attempt that went weird. And, the sexting is over! Men or women clearly come up with weird replies if they are not in a mood to sext.

This Sexting That Went a Little Extreme-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

3.He Was Clearly Not in a Mood to Make You Wet

This was another sexting attempt that went hilariously wrong. You don't often see women initiating sexting. You rarely see men not responding to it. As you can see from the image, a girl was trying to be hot with a man, who instantly put an end to her sexting in a funny way.

He Was Clearly Not in a Mood to Make You Wet-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

4.They Came Too Soon

We bet you have never seen something like this in your life before! This is hilarious! This is the most funniest and awkward sexting you will ever read. The girl there said she already 'came', without even talking a thing. That guy there was happy because he doesn't need to feel awkward if he 'comes' first before her!

They Came Too Soon-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

5.This Funny Squirrel Attack

This happens when one of the partners is in no mood whatsoever to sext! When a partner is not in a mood to sext or have fun, he or she will come up with bizarre and awkward ideas to put an end to it. Check this person who compared a sexual move to a squirrel attack! Isn't this very funny?

This Funny Squirrel Attack-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

6.Sexting: Where a Typo Can be Deadly Dangerous

If there's one time you need to avoid typos; that is during sexting. Any kind of typo would make entire sexting thing awkward. When you made a typo that read as 'mom', things will suddenly go very awkward and funny. Check this person who mistyped 'mmm' to 'mom', which suddenly turned the situation funny and awkward.

Sexting: Where a Typo Can be Deadly Dangerous-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

7.This Cracker of a Joke

Peeps, if you are ever troubled by men or women who don't stop sexting you, try to send them replies like these back. A bit of sarcasm and quick wit will instantly put their roaring libidos to an end! You can check how this lady stopped 'sext attack' on her with a hilarious reply.

This Cracker of a Joke-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong


8.Please Fold Them Neatly

Anyone who reads that reply would never sext them back again! As you can see from the picture, a person tried to sext with another person telling them he wanted to take his or her clothes off. The other person replied back asking him or her to fold the clothes neatly! We bet he or she will never try to sext with that person again.

Please Fold Them Neatly-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

9.Who Want to See Mah Boob?

This is hilarious! The girl has started this funny conversation asking the guy if he wants to see 'mah boob'. Unfortunately for him, his excitement didn't last long! He got the disappointment of his life when he saw that athlete named 'Mahboob'. This girl perfectly knows how to troll men!

Who Want to See Mah Boob?-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong


10.This Intelligent Guy

Apparently, his girlfriend was asking him to share a private picture of his to her. To her disappointment, this guy was too intelligent to slip one out. As you can see, he totally trolled her. When she asked to share picture of him below his belt, he sent this funny picture.

This Intelligent Guy-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

11.Dementor Costume? A Big Nope

Sexting is a bit weird and unusual. People, especially those who are in long distance relationships, or those who make friends online, know how to sext well. Teaching someone how to text can be a challenging task. Check how this person is struggling to teach his or her partner how to sext!

Dementor Costume? A Big Nope-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

12.This Dark Romance

This is another funny sext that went completely wrong. He or she would have gotten the disappointment of their life when they saw that black picture, which is actually a picture of naked person in dark! With that picture, the sexting there has come to an end. This is a good idea if you are planning to troll your boyfriend or girlfriend!

This Dark Romance-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

13.Don't Be a Bad Girl!

We don't think that guy has grown enough to understand what she was talking about! As you can see from the image, he is warning her telling that Santa will bring her a lump of coal if she doesn't stop being naughty! Now guys may think why girls always give chances to those who are not willing to take them.

Don't Be a Bad Girl!-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

14.That's Not How You Sext

Sexting isn't for everyone. Some people are way too bad at it that they instantly kill the good mood of their partners. Check this guy who was trying to be naughty with his girl. He said he would be touching her with all eight limbs if he had eight limbs like octopus! Well, they are called tentacles and they are only good at sucking and it looks creepy.

That's Not How You Sext-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

15.When You Want Fun, But Life Keeps Haunting You

That dude will not forget that chemistry subject even in his dreams! Unfortunately for him, that thing has been haunting him for months! As you can see from the image, it was that guy who initiated the conversation telling her that he wanted to kiss. When she gave him the chance he was looking for, his chemistry subject got into the action!

When You Want Fun, But Life Keeps Haunting You-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong



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