15 Signs You Are In Relationship With Your Bed

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 6:24 pm
By:James Fraser

Beds are for sleeping. However, in our busy lifestyles, we use beds for more than just sleeping. For some people, bed is everything! They eat, drink and sleep on beds. Few people take their love towards bed to extreme levels! Do you love your bed? Here are fifteen signs that tell you if you are in a relationship with your bed!
13.Bed is Where You Unleash Real You

You may be a shy person at school, or a reserved person at work. You may be awkward, or have social anxiety! Let us tell you, bed is one place where you unleash the beast in you and do many things you think of doing outside, from singing to dancing! People dream on beds, but you make your dreams come true on a bed!

Bed is Where You Unleash Real You-15 Signs You Are In Relationship With Your Bed

14.Bed is Bedder than Bedder Half

We mean bed is better than better half! You may have already taken your relationship with bed to an all new high and raunchy level with acts like you see in the image. Please don't mind if you don't have an intimate relationship with your bed! We know and we understand you prefer to keep your things private and don't like third person knowing it. (Yes, bed is the second person!!!)

Bed is Bedder than Bedder Half-15 Signs You Are In Relationship With Your Bed

15.You End Your Day Like This

Dear Bed,
My day,
begins with,
your thoughts,
and ends with,
your dreams!
Thank you bed.
You End Your Day Like This-15 Signs You Are In Relationship With Your Bed