15 Reasons Why People Cheat In A Relationship

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 7:20 am
By:James Fraser

The concept of cheating is very complex. Some people cheat because they are done with their partner. Some cheat on their partners because they are bored of their partners while a majority of them do it for fun and adventure because they think it's get away with it. Cheating is not all about having sex with someone else other than your partner; It's actually about sharing the love, intimacy, and loyalty to that third person. When you are in a relationship, you have that sense of belonging to your partner. This bond actually keeps the relationship going. Want to know why people cheat? Here are fifteen reasons why people cheat in a relationship.
7.Thrill and Curiosity

Curiosity! Most of us love and seek thrills in life. Some people, however, see cheating as an adventure. They find cheating as an out of the box experience.

Thrill and Curiosity-15 Reasons Why People Cheat In A Relationship

8.Falling in Love with Someone Else

Being in a relationship doesn't stop your mind from getting attracted to people, or falling in love with them. When a person finds that one missing trait in that third person, they eventually fall for them.

Falling in Love with Someone Else-15 Reasons Why People Cheat In A Relationship

9.They are Selfish

Some people are selfish. All they want is their happiness, and hardly care about the feelings of their partner. If selfish people find someone better, they happily cheat or dump their current partner. 

They are Selfish-15 Reasons Why People Cheat In A Relationship