15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:35 pm
By:James Fraser

Your entire life will be a lie if you ever believe girls don't lie! Girls do lie even to their partners, no matter how great the relationship is. It's not like only girls lie! Even men lie. From sweet little lies to lies that can break your heart, here are fifteen lies girls usually tell to boys.
7.I'm Not Like Other Girls

This sentence is a strong proof that all women are same! You will hear most ladies calling themselves unique and different! This is lie! Those who call themselves different still love being praised, given gifts or getting pampered. The real unique girls don't speak a word, their actions speak!

I'm Not Like Other Girls-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

8.I'm Not Drunk

This is a girl's way of telling she is drunk. It starts with 'I'm not drunk' and ends with saying she only had a peg, that too because a long time friend came to see her. Girls don't right away say they are drunk, may be because they don't want others to take advantage.

I'm Not Drunk-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

9.My Weight is...

The rule book says not to ask a women what her weight is. Even if you ask her, you will be not answered rightly! Most women lie about their weights, especially those who think they carry little more flesh than needed!

My Weight is...-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys