15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:35 pm
By:James Fraser

Your entire life will be a lie if you ever believe girls don't lie! Girls do lie even to their partners, no matter how great the relationship is. It's not like only girls lie! Even men lie. From sweet little lies to lies that can break your heart, here are fifteen lies girls usually tell to boys.
1.I'm Fine

When a girl tells you 'I'm fine', it means she is not fine! This is a single popular and universal lie used by women all over the world to let you know that something has gone wrong. If you think she's fine, you are probably fuc***. You need to understand she is unhappy or upset about something.

I'm Fine-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

2.Faking Period

This is one more lie girls tell to boys to skip or escape from something. If you ever wonder why your girl, or the girl you know, gets her period three times a month, this is the reason! This is so far the safest lie because no one's going to come and check what's up down there!

Faking Period-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

3.I Will Be Ready in Five Minutes

Friends, boyfriends, husbands and all men in this world understand this thing. A girl says she will be ready in five minutes, but it may take a day, week, month or even a year! It can be frustrating for men, but we have to understand that a girl getting ready isn't as simple as wearing an unwashed jeans!

I Will Be Ready in Five Minutes-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

4.I Got this on Sale

She will tell you that she has bought things that are on sale! You will realize its only a lie until you the see the credit card bill at the end of month. However, girls don't tell other girls around that they have bought discounted stuff!

I Got this on Sale-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

5.He's Just a Friend

If ever there comes a situation where a women needs to answer a partner's or other people's question of 'who is that guy', she will most probably answer it like 'he is just a friend'. In fact, most of the times, this is a lie, and he is more than just a friend!

He's Just a Friend-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

6.You are the Best Guy Ever

It's a lie! You are not the best guy most of the times! Even if you are told you are the best guy, you still may not be the best guy! No one can ever read or understand a woman completely! Every girl will have an inside world, and no one really knows who's the king of it!

You are the Best Guy Ever-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

7.I'm Not Like Other Girls

This sentence is a strong proof that all women are same! You will hear most ladies calling themselves unique and different! This is lie! Those who call themselves different still love being praised, given gifts or getting pampered. The real unique girls don't speak a word, their actions speak!

I'm Not Like Other Girls-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys


8.I'm Not Drunk

This is a girl's way of telling she is drunk. It starts with 'I'm not drunk' and ends with saying she only had a peg, that too because a long time friend came to see her. Girls don't right away say they are drunk, may be because they don't want others to take advantage.

I'm Not Drunk-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

9.My Weight is...

The rule book says not to ask a women what her weight is. Even if you ask her, you will be not answered rightly! Most women lie about their weights, especially those who think they carry little more flesh than needed!

My Weight is...-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys


10.I'm Not Hungry

This is another big lie! Women enjoy food like men, or even more than them! Food craving will be at its peak when a girl is on her period. If a girl ever tells you she is not hungry, she means she is hungry and wants you to get her a pizza or something in next few minutes!

I'm Not Hungry-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

11.Faking an Orgasm

Remember, female reproductive system is so complex. Men try hard not to get a quick orgasm, while women find it tough to get one on right time. At times, women fake an orgasm just to impress their partners! You may think you are a super hero, but most of the times you aren't!

Faking an Orgasm-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

12.I Like Your Family

Though your girl may tell you that she loves your family, she may secretly hate them. Girls tend to hate their boyfriend's parents for many reasons, or even no reason! If you hear your girl repeatedly saying she likes your family, you may need to check if everything is fine or not.

I Like Your Family-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

13.I Don't Like Gifts

This is a lie too. By saying she doesn't like gifts; she is actually reminding you that it's time for a gift. It's very hard to find a woman who doesn't love gifts! Well, who doesn't like gifts? We all love them; even men!

I Don't Like Gifts-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

14.I Don't Know

Well, she knows everything! By telling 'I don't know' she really means 'I know everything". If you are a man, and if you ever face such situation, you better remain calm for next few minutes! If you keep questioning her, you may have to taste her 'madness'.

I Don't Know-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

15.Do Whatever You Want

Beware! It's not permission. It's a warning. She may tell you to do whatever you like to do, but don't dare grabbing this wonderful sounding opportunity. She really means she will go mad at you if you do that thing. This is a lie, and if you think it's not a lie, you may have to face some serious consequences including but not limited to a fight or a breakup!

Do Whatever You Want-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys



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