15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

Saturday, Jan 11, 2020, 5:20 pm
By:James Fraser

Being single has its own goods and bads. Some people are happy being single and alone, while others find it lonely and depressing to lead a single life. For some, getting into relationship is as easy as putting on a tee-shirt, while there are folks who try for years without any luck. Here are fifteen funny tweets about single life that make everyone laugh.
7.Pizza and Single People are Always Connected

As we said earlier, being single is not all that bad, considering the fact you can just do anything. Most of us love pizzas. Some of us are so extreme that we even hate sharing a piece from our pizza with our friends. If you are single, and if you are a pizza lover, you better marry a pizza!

Pizza and Single People are Always Connected-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

8.A Calendar Has Dates

That moment when you realize your calendar too had and has many dates, but not you! This funny anti-joke tweet once again shows us how desperate people can be if they remain single for a long time. People who don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend, or who don't go on dates, keep finding many things better than them!

A Calendar Has Dates-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

9.The Actual Problem

Most single people are single because they are shy or extremely nervous about making friends or talking to new people. As we said earlier, behavioral issues are the main reason why many people stay single. Unfortunately, even if they attempt to speak to someone they find cute; they are only going to mess it up most of the times because of their awkward behavior.

The Actual Problem-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life