Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 9:26 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Archie Zombie

This Andre De Freitas drawing morphs Archie into the walking dead. Even though he has zombie features, you can still look pass them and see the lovable Archie we've come to know and love. Since women can suck the life out of you, Veronica is probably responsible for this transformation.

Archie Zombie-Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons

2.Homer The Zombie

This Homer Simpson zombie sends chills down your spine. Homer has never been too bright, so he takes on the zombie role with ease. At certain angles, this Homer rendition almost looks like a Neanderthal. And much like the real Homer, it seems as though he got a little hungry and started eating his own lips.

Homer The Zombie-Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons

3.Buzz Lightyear Zombie

Buzz Lightyear went to infinity and ended up a zombie. Under normal circumstances, a zombie probably would have ripped that metal suit off. But for the sake of actually being able to identify Buzz, it's better that it was left on. Though Zombie's are emotionless, Buzz's cocked eyebrow gives him a lighthearted personality.

Buzz Lightyear Zombie-Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons

4.Dora The Explorer Zombie

If you thought the real Dora The Explorer was scary, then feast your eyes on this drawing. In this drawing, poor Dora looks like a bloated version of Jack Skeleton form The Nightmare Before Christmas. This zombified Dora can't be too evil, especially since she hasn't killed and eaten Boots' brain yet.

Dora The Explorer Zombie-Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons

5.Snow White Zombie

The Seven Dwarfs might want to stay away from this Snow White, unless they want their brains to be eaten. If it weren't for those big brown eyes and that curly bob, this drawing of Snow White would go unnoticed. The comical thing about this drawing is that even though she's feasting on a brain, Snow White still manages to look innocent.

Snow White Zombie-Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons

6.Iron Man Zombie

Even Iron Man can be turned into a Zombie. This illustration does resemble how Iron Man looks after a lengthy battle, but the exposed skin on his left side gives him a zombie look. Oddly enough, because of how banged up his armor is, this Iron Man appears to be frowning.

Iron Man Zombie-Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons


This zombified drawing of Batman makes him look insane in the membrane. Much like the cartoon version, this rendering of Batman doesn't have pupils. However, the way his eyes are drawn here is just beyond creepy. This photo almost looks as though the artist took a photo of Two-Face and put a Batman costume on him.

Bat-Zombie-Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons

8.Charlie Brown

This Charlie Brown is definitely no pushover. This illustration by Andre De Freitas breathes new life into the character. Even though he has no pupils, this Charlie Brown has way more personality than the Charles Schultz version. Not to mention, that this Charlie Brown actually looks like a real boy.

Charlie Brown-Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons

9.Donald Duck Zombie

Donald Duck drawn as a zombie is a dream come true. In his zombified state, the duck is far less annoying. This illustration took a hyperactive giggly duck and turned it into a gruesome creature of the night with no pupils. Donald now has a face only a mother could love.

Donald Duck Zombie-Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons

10.Popeye The Sailor Zombie

Popeye didn't get blown down, but this photo makes it look like he got blown up. This zombie rendition of the Sailorman makes him appear to be a shadow of his former self. At first glance, he looks like Freddy Krueger without the long claws. Seems as though all that spinach didn't help poor Popeye's teeth from decaying.

Popeye The Sailor Zombie-Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons

11.Donatello Turtle Zombie

Looks like Donatello from the Ninja Turtles is no longer fighting crime. A sewer turtle like Donatello is accustomed to looking dirty, so this zombie image is more realistic than most. In fact, this illustrations makes it seem like Donatello just got into a bar fight and lost. This image was created by Andre De Freitas.

Donatello Turtle Zombie-Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons

12.Waldo Zombie

You won't have trouble finding this Waldo in a storybook. This zombified drawing is of none other than Waldo from "Where's Waldo?" fame. Waldo can always be spotted because of that candy striped hat and matching sweater. This Waldo appears to have just eaten a mouth full of soil and bugs.

Waldo Zombie-Zombified Faces Of Famous Cartoons



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