Worst Names For The School Yearbook

Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021, 4:39 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Chika Dike Nwokike

Well at least this young man's name rhymes, but it's just such a hard name to deal with. He seems untouched by it, so maybe he lives in the country where his name doesn't have the same meaning that it would in America. We can only hope he doesn't come here to land a big job in the media.

Chika Dike Nwokike-Worst Names For The School Yearbook

2.Long Wang

This young man may as well embrace the fact that his last name is Wang. His parents probably figured why not give it a strong meaning. For a man to be named Long Wang isn't entirely a bad thing. His parents could have named him Tiny or Little, and then he would have something to worry about.

Long Wang-Worst Names For The School Yearbook

3.Dat Ho

Who's dat ho? This young man is. He really is Dat Ho. Now in his culture the name has no bad connotations, but in America most people will get a chuckle from it. His parents probably had no real way of knowing how the American slang would affect their son's name.

Dat Ho-Worst Names For The School Yearbook


4.Harry Kuntz

There is no easy way to go around in life with this last name. It is probably not pronounced like you think it is, but nonetheless, it is probably read that way every day. However, naming your child Harry adds to the mischief of this name, and most likely set this young man up for a lifetime of ridicule.

Harry Kuntz-Worst Names For The School Yearbook

5.Jed I. Knight

This is a cool name that I am sure this cute little boy will enjoy when he is old enough to become a Star Wars fan. The first time he watches it a smile will form on his face when he realizes he is the real jedi knight. In this case, a creative way to name your child.

Jed I. Knight-Worst Names For The School Yearbook

6.Rowdy Negro

He says it's his real name, and so it make sense that he is making that face. With a last name like Negro, his parents should have been a lot more careful in choosing his first name. Rowdy Negro is a stereotypical insult to a race, that he doesn't even belong to. It is probably an easy guess that he suffered lots of name calling, but seems to be turning his frown upside down.

Rowdy Negro-Worst Names For The School Yearbook

7.Deja Viau

Sometimes parents just don't realize what they are putting their children through when they choose their name. Deja is a pretty name, and the family name of Viau is innocent enough too, but put them together and this young lady will forever be a repeated thought in Deja Viau, or deja vu.

Deja Viau-Worst Names For The School Yearbook


Initials seem to be getting these youngsters in trouble in their yearbooks. A last name of Ennis is innocent enough, but add the initial "P" to it and you've got yourself a laugh. We have to wonder if this young man did this intentionally, to forever be remembered as P. Ennis.

P.Ennis-Worst Names For The School Yearbook


A name that is perfectly fine on its own. "Mr. You can you please pose for your year book picture?" This young man was probably asked, but then when it came time to have his name printed, he chose to use only his first initial. F. You, Is the joke on us, or on him.

F.You-Worst Names For The School Yearbook


Everyone one of these girls has the last name Nguyen. It's not their fault, or the fault of their parents, but they all look so similar, right down the off the shoulder, v-neck black shirts and below the shoulder length here. No one is being racist, but sometimes you have to think outside the box, or you end up in a box.

Nguyen-Worst Names For The School Yearbook

11.Jesus c0ndom

In his community Jesus is pronounced Hesus, so maybe his parents thought it was safe to give him that name. But if he lives in America, most kids will see this name and laugh at the association between Jesus and a c0ndom. Sometimes it just can't be helped, but these parents should have thought a little harder.

Jesus c0ndom-Worst Names For The School Yearbook

12.B.J. Cobbledick

With a last name like Cobbledick, you would have to be very careful what you named your offspring. It seems this young lady might have been safe with a possible name like Barbara Jane, but why, oh why, did she think it was okay to abbreviate her name knowing her initials were B.J.?

B.J. Cobbledick-Worst Names For The School Yearbook



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