Worse Restaurant Names Ever

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:41 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Pizza Orgasmica

Located in San Francisco, this pizza joint gives new meaning to Sally's tableside orgasm with Harry. Any pizza that can make you feel that good is worth eating. Specialize in pizza, but serving salad and other stuff, like fried seafood, vegetarian gourmet pizzas and desserts. A great place to eat when you want to feel fulfilled.

Pizza Orgasmica-Worse Restaurant Names Ever

2.The Chocolate Log

With decadent chocolate desserts and cakes, a selection of wines and hot coffee, it is not hard to imagine that this place is a hotspot for chocolate lovers in CityCenterin McLeod Gang. But where did they get that name, and do they realize what it brings to mind? They just might, and they're probably smiling all the way to the chocolate bank.

The Chocolate Log-Worse Restaurant Names Ever

3.Big Wong

Located in China Town in New York City, this Chinese Noodle Shop has both eat in and take out options. We have to wonder why Chinese restaurants always have the most bizarre names when translated to English. Do they know what a wong is in China? Probably the last name of the owner.

Big Wong-Worse Restaurant Names Ever

4.Butt Sweet House

Butt Sweet House is located in Abu Dhabi, and we are pretty sure the words don't have the same meaning there as they do in America. We all get a pretty good laugh when we see the name, but the popular bakery does a fine and respectable business in the area Near Emirates.

Butt Sweet House-Worse Restaurant Names Ever

5.Hung Far Low

Hung Far Low doesn't mean what you think it means. In Chinese it means "almond blossom fragrance." This restaurant and lounge is located in Portland, Oregon and has been around for a while. Established in 1928, it is the oldest restaurant in China Town, where most of the Chinese population live in Portland.

Hung Far Low-Worse Restaurant Names Ever

6.The Golden Stool

Another weirdly named restaurant is located in the United Kingdom, this one residing in London in the South Tottenham and West Green neighborhoods. Beside the strange name, this restaurant is a Ghanaian restaurant, the only Ghanaian restaurant located this are of England. Maybe the name comes from being so close to royalty. The "gold" part at least.

The Golden Stool-Worse Restaurant Names Ever


Located in Fivemiletown in the United Kingdom is a little restaurant called Cum-N-Eat. It is not really known why they chose such a name, or if the word "cum" means the same thing there as it does in America, but it seems to draw its own crowd for lunch and dinner.

Cum-N-Eat-Worse Restaurant Names Ever

8.The Hairy Monk

The Hairy Monk was a hot spot for baseball fans. Located in the East Village of Manhattan, this fun establishment closed it's doors about a year ago, but its name lives on. Most of the die hard patrons have made their way to The Hairy Monk's sister bar, The Honky Tonk Tavern on the Upper East Side.

The Hairy Monk-Worse Restaurant Names Ever

9.Hot & Crusty

A great name for a great pizza joint in Manhattan. Located on East 14th Street, Hot & Crusty is not just pizza either. They serve salad, wings, submarine sandwiches, and pasta among other menu choices. New York City is known for its pizza, to which the whole world holds a standard to.

Hot & Crusty-Worse Restaurant Names Ever

10.Pu Pu Hot Pot

Pu Pu Hot Pot is not to be poo pooed at. This Chinese Asian fusion is a hot spot in the Cambridge are of Massachusetts. Using the freshest ingredients, they have health conscience items on their menu along with traditional favorites, all for a great price that is affordable for college students and families.

Pu Pu Hot Pot-Worse Restaurant Names Ever

11.Dirty Dick's Crab House

The name is fun and catchy, but the food is even more fun to eat. Dirty Dick's Crab House is the creation of founder Ken Hersey, who along with partners, Beany Macgregor and Jack Frestel have opened four locations. Naming it after his friend Dick, the crab house was born.

Dirty Dick's Crab House-Worse Restaurant Names Ever


Poopsie's is a real restaurant in Pembroke, Massachusetts, located in a shopping center on Route 139. The restaurant opened in 1973, and specializes in having the best bar pizza in Eastern Massachusetts, with it's thin cracker like crust and zesty sauce. Where it got its name is up for debate.

Poopsies-Worse Restaurant Names Ever



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