Weirdest Piercings Ever

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 10:30 am
By:Tony Williams


Getting your eyebrow pierced is common, but your eyelid? This just looks painful and it will probably have just made your eyes water at the thought of it, but at the end of the day for some reason it manages to look cool. It must get annoying having it sitting there in your line of vision all of the time? Surely it is close to damaging your eye? This person is either brave or stupid.

Eyelids-Weirdest Piercings Ever


Yes you got it right, this person has had that bit that dangles at the back of your throat pierced and they are now quite happy to show it off. Most people would gag just at the thought of somebody putting something there to pierce it in the first place, so to actually manage to get it done does deserve a round of applause, but they are obviously mad to contemplate it in the first place.

Uvula-Weirdest Piercings Ever


This photograph does show somebody with their tooth pierced and this is something where you do question their sanity in the first place. Have you ever looked at your teeth and thought about how cool it would be to have it pierced? This is one of those times where your mind sees the image, but fails to really work out what is going on and the person that has had it done may not even be sure themselves

Teeth-Weirdest Piercings Ever


People get different parts of their body pierced, but could you ever imagine having your fingertips pierced? This does not actually look cool because instead it looks like an accident has happened and they do not know how to deal with it or get that bar out of their finger. You must have run out of space elsewhere if your fingertips are next to be pierced.

Fingertips-Weirdest Piercings Ever

5.Big ears

A lot of people get discs put into their earlobes in order to stretch them, but this guy here is the world record holder. His earlobes have been stretched to an amazing 5 1/2 inches, which is huge and does make look a bit like Dumbo. Once again there is no need whatsoever for this type of piercing as it is going to achieve nothing and you do worry about his ear simply falling off due to it being pushed too far and being weakened in the first place.

Big ears-Weirdest Piercings Ever


This is another strange case of having modified lips because it is not only the big disc in the lip below, but also that there is another disk on his upper lip as well. There is no way that he can think that this is cool and it just has to obstruct you on a daily basis and will make simple living a complete nightmare. This is a piercing that just makes you stop and wonder if the person is actually feeling ok.

Lips-Weirdest Piercings Ever

7.Snake lips

This guy actually has a big enough piercing around his mouth for him to pass a snake through it and clearly the snake it the one with the brains in this relationship. The hole must be ridiculous and he does have something in his mouth to help, but it is not cool or amazing. Instead it does look disgusting and it makes you fear for the human race as we have people out there capable of doing this.

Snake lips-Weirdest Piercings Ever

8.The back

It is not unknown for somebody to have part of their back pierced, but it is slightly unusual for it to be done to this extent and you need to question their sanity for doing this. It really must have hurt so much getting all of this done and how could you even sit back on a chair without feeling too uncomfortable? It also looks as if they have cork on the end, but the entire thing is just bizarre.

The back-Weirdest Piercings Ever


This guy actually pierced himself with 900 surgical needles in an attempt to get into the Guiness book of records and you wonder if it was possible for him to get anything else on his legs as surely every single bit of space has been covered? He must have been very bored to suddenly decide one day that this is what he wanted to do with himself because it must have taken a long time to complete. You also hope that he then removed them because you surely cannot walk around like that without running into problems?

Needles-Weirdest Piercings Ever

10.Most pierced

This woman is actually the one with the most piercing in the world and this photograph only shows a fraction of what she has had done. The full and explicit image is certainly something that should not be looked at by anybody who is sensitive to other humans looking strange, but if you are curious you are going to sit in shock at what you will soon see before you.

Most pierced-Weirdest Piercings Ever

11.Face piercing

Getting your face pierced is not new, but having it done this number of times is over the top and the guy in question does look rather strange as this is a look that does not suit him in the slightest. We do not know how many her has had done, but it has completely ruined his face with the way they are even all over his cheeks.

Face piercing-Weirdest Piercings Ever

12.Ankle spike

This person has had their actual ankle pierced and then put a spike through it and you need to question their sanity when it comes to having this done. The second photograph is actually the one that you will probably like least of all and nobody would blame you for that as it is disgusting and it has to cause them some problems if not now at least later on in life?

Ankle spike-Weirdest Piercings Ever

13.Too many

This guy had all of these piercings done at the same time and without undergoing any anesthetic. In actual fact he was pieced over 1000 times and his limbs are now covered in tiny rings. You do wonder how he will be able to do anything has a shirt and trousers must be annoying to wear and how long would it take to remove all of them? This is a strange and pretty pointless piercing to have done.

Too many-Weirdest Piercings Ever

14.Cheek discs

This image does show somebody with discs in their cheeks and you have to admit that they do look seriously strange and very, very scary. You wonder what the point in it all is when you look at what they have had done and they must have had doubts about it at some point as well? That has to have an impact on their breathing and even their ability to talk, so why get it done?

Cheek discs-Weirdest Piercings Ever


You have to admit that this is one of the strangest things that you will have ever seen in your life as it does show a man with two knives through his nose. How does he breathe with all of this going on and what possessed him to do it in the first place? Surely the person doing the piercing should have stopped him and got him to think about it?

Knives-Weirdest Piercings Ever



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