Weirdest Hobbies

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 9:28 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Tree sweaters

Some people as a hobby knit tree sweaters and put them on the trees. This just comes across as being one of those strange things that we are never meant to fully understand as it has to be a personal thing for somebody to decide that a tree needs a sweater. They do them in all colors and you have to imagine the work that has gone into their creation, but even then you will come up blank with reasons as to why they do it in the first place.

Tree sweaters-Weirdest Hobbies

2.Guerilla gardening

The idea of guerilla gardening is that you sneak into a barren patch of ground under the cover of darkness and by the time it is daylight again it has been transformed into something that looks a lot better. At least with this it is a constructive hobby that is designed to just help to make the place look better, but it does conjure up images in your mind of gardening ninjas.

Guerilla gardening-Weirdest Hobbies

3.Knitting breasts

This woman in her 80s actually has a hobby of knitting breasts. You wonder how she got started with her first breast and then why she loved them that much that she continued to knit them on a regular basis. Would a cardigan or a pair of socks not be more beneficial? Would she not prefer to knit something that was actually useful? Well it keeps her happy, so breasts it is then.

Knitting breasts-Weirdest Hobbies

4.Roller coasters

There are people out there with the hobby of riding roller coasters and indeed they will travel all over the world trying to get on new ones to add to their collection. They clearly love the thrill of being on them and in a way you can understand how people can get almost addicted to the adrenaline rush, so even though it is a weird hobby to have it is not as bizarre as you may have initially thought.

Roller coasters-Weirdest Hobbies


Believe it or not, but there is a guy in Holland who has the hobby of collecting ecstasy pills and actually has at one point had over 2400 of them up until they were stolen. This is just something that most people cannot understand because what makes you decide to collect drugs? Most people get drugs and use them, they do not start to build pretty pictures and keep them in a box.

Ecstasy-Weirdest Hobbies

6.Hikaru Dorodango

If you have never heard of this, then you are not alone. Basically, this is a hobby where you spend time polishing dirt and yes it does involve normal mud that you roll into a ball. You then need to get the moisture out while polishing it and it does end up shiny like this although how anybody could have the patience to do this in the first place is a mystery.

Hikaru Dorodango-Weirdest Hobbies

7.Extreme ironing

Is ironing boring for you? Then how about spicing it up with a bit of extreme ironing? This does come across as a rather strange combination, a household chore followed up by hanging from a rock or some other dangerous location while you try to get your shirt looking great. Who even thought up this idea in the first place? What do they get out of it? It really is a strange hobby to be involved in.

Extreme ironing-Weirdest Hobbies

8.Navel fluff

Why, as a hobby, would you want to collect navel fluff? Surely most people will look at it and think, well that is something I need to dispose of? Nobody in their right mind would look at that fluff and immediately think of a jar to put it in. How much fluff do they gather when you look at the size of the balls in there? What is going on with their body?

Navel fluff-Weirdest Hobbies


A lot of people know about it, but that does not stop it from being weird. Trainspotting has been around for decades and there are a lot of people who are quite happy to be out in all weather at a train station simply noting down the numbers of the different trains that go past them. What they get out of it is a mystery to so many people, but they seem to enjoy it and it is not harming anybody, so good on them.

Trainspotting-Weirdest Hobbies

10.Art with tape

This is cool and the fact it is all done with tape does make it very impressive to say the least. Doing this as a hobby will certainly help to unleash the artistic side of your personality, but it is quite a rare hobby to have and this is partly due to people forgetting about the existence of these cassettes from the 80s. However, if you have some ability you can certainly get some enjoyment out of something that would otherwise be consigned to history.

Art with tape-Weirdest Hobbies

11.Soap carving

Soap is for washing yourself with, so the idea of having a hobby where you carve pretty pictures into it is rather strange to say the least. The hard part is that you need to then seal them correctly or they just fall apart and all of your hard work is then going to be undone, but it undoubtedly takes some degree of skill to create something that really is a work of art.

Soap carving-Weirdest Hobbies

12.Milk Bottles

Collecting something is a common hobby, but could you imagine collecting all of these milk bottles? This collection is huge, he actually has over 10,000 of them, and you wonder when it will actually stop as surely there are no other ones for him to get? Imagine the space you need to store them all, so perhaps this is a hobby that has actually gone too far?

Milk Bottles-Weirdest Hobbies

13.Dog grooming

This is strange and also cruel to the dogs and the owners should be painted in the same way as their dog and see how they like it. The idea of turning a dog into a tiger just to win a competition is seriously strange and you actually wonder about the sanity of the owner. How they could believe that the dog was enjoying this is something that is impossible to comprehend.

Dog grooming-Weirdest Hobbies

14.Faking death

There are people out there who will spend their time creating strange scenarios where they will fake their own death for comedy reasons and then take strange images of themselves doing so. This guy in particular, called Chuck Lamb, has made a career out of it and he is certainly creative in the ways he has died so far in his life.

Faking death-Weirdest Hobbies


Yes there are some people out there that have the hobby of mooing. Some just love to make the noises, and enter competitions, while others go the full way and dress up as a cow in some kind of homage to this particular animal. What could be the fascination? Why pick a cow and copy its noises? This really is a strange hobby.

Mooing-Weirdest Hobbies



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