Weirdest Fruits

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 4:57 pm
By:Tony Williams


This is also known as dragon fruit and it is easy to understand why. You can find this fruit in parts of Asia and the Americas with a sweet version in Asia and a sour type elsewhere in the world. They do come in a couple of different colors and people say that the inside fruit part can often taste a bit like kiwi fruit at least with the Asian version. It may not look that appealing, but in actual fact it is a nice fruit to eat and you could surprise yourself by enjoying it.

Pitaya-Weirdest Fruits

2.Horned melon

The horned melon is undoubtedly a weird looking fruit. This is something that is native to Africa and even though you would not believe it by looking at it you can eat the skin as well as the flesh. In actual fact they say the skin is a bit like banana while the fruit inside is more like a cucumber, so that alone is going to confuse your taste buds. Eat it raw and then see if you actually do enjoy that weird mix of flavors.

Horned melon-Weirdest Fruits

3.Star apple

This is a fruit that you will come across on a regular basis in Central America and if you cut into it horizontally you will notice a star shape inside. The fruit itself tastes sweet and the actual flavor is very intense and will hit you from the minute you eat some. However, as it is quite strong you are best not to eat too many or your stomach could start to complain a bit.

Star apple-Weirdest Fruits

4.Stone apple

This fruit is native to India and it is rather strange as it comes with a peel that actually does look quite wooden. In order to get to the fruit inside you need to smash it with a hammer as the outer peel is so tough, but once you get inside you will come across yellow flesh that tastes amazing. The only thing to look out for are the hairy seeds that are also inside as it is not a good idea to eat them.

Stone apple-Weirdest Fruits


This is a strange looking fruit and it is probably one that you have never heard about before either. It is also known by the name snake fruit and it is largely found in Indonesia. The skin can be removed in next to no time and it does reveal three white pieces of fruit inside for you to eat. This white flesh is very sweet and they do say that it is similar to apples when it comes to its consistency.

Salak-Weirdest Fruits


This fruit is a berry that you find on trees that are native to the eastern and southern parts of Africa. The fruit inside the peel is white and they say that the taste is very distinctive and one that most people end up loving. The local tribes do also use the fruit to make a type of alcohol that they love due to the way it can ferment, so at least they have various uses for it and not just for eating.

Marula-Weirdest Fruits


Duku is a fruit that you are going to find in Asia and even though it does look quite hard you will find that it does peel very easily indeed. The fruit itself is very sweet, and indeed this could put some people off and it does limit how many you can eat at any given time, and you do need to avoid the seeds inside as they can be quite bitter. This is fruit that can actually be turned into a syrup as well, but eating it raw is the best way to go.

Duku-Weirdest Fruits


Yes this fruit does appear to need a shave. The rambutan has been described by some people as being a cross between a strawberry on the outside and a lychee on the inside and it is easy to see how. You will find this growing in Asia and in particular around the likes of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand and the fruit itself is soft and potentially a bit sour at times. Getting into it is also quite easy as the skin does just peel off even though it has this hard looking exterior.

Rambutan-Weirdest Fruits


No this tree does not have some strange growth on it because instead this is a fruit that is native to parts of Brazil called jabuticaba. Basically, it is like a grape tree with a difference and the fruit has a dark purple skin, but the fruit inside is quite sweet to the taste and can be eaten raw or used to turn into wine and other types of alcohol.

Jabuticaba-Weirdest Fruits


You will find safou growing on trees over vast swathes of Africa and some people do refer to them as African pears. This fruit is actually quite fattening as it has been shown that 48% of it is made up of various things such as vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids, so eating it is certainly going to give your body a lot of the things it needs in order to work.

Safou-Weirdest Fruits


Breadfruit can be found in regions of Asia and especially in the south east section. They say that it is quite like bananas, although clearly not in appearance, and you can eat it raw when it is ripe or cook it when it is unripe. It got its name from the fact that when you cook the raw version it tastes like bread that has just been freshly baked.

Breadfruit-Weirdest Fruits


Platonia is a fruit that you will find on some trees in both Brazil and Paraguay and it typically grows to something around the size of an orange. It is strange in that when you press it the stuff that comes out of the peel is quite thick and strange, but the white fruit itself has a strange sweet and sour taste to it. This fruit is quite rare and it is fair to say that it is probably not that appealing to most people.

Platonia-Weirdest Fruits

13.Custard apple

This fruit comes from a plant that you will find at higher altitude in South America and there is no doubt that it is indeed weird looking. Apparently the flesh is quite sweet and has a custard like consistency to it. People argue that it tastes like a mixture of fruits including passion fruit, papaya, and pineapple, but that just means it has its own taste rather than being like some strange cocktail.

Custard apple-Weirdest Fruits

14.Mammee apple

Some people actually call this a Santo Domingo apricot rather than a mammee apple, but no matter the name you use it is still a weird fruit. It comes from a tree that is native to South America and technically speaking it is not even an apple, but instead it is a berry. The pulp inside can either be orange or yellow and it is apparently quite sweet to taste.

Mammee apple-Weirdest Fruits

15.Sugar apple

The sugar apple is grown in countries such as Pakistan, India, and several countries in the Americas and it is undoubtedly a weird looking fruit. The skin is very hard, but burst inside and you get a fruit that has white flesh, but bizarrely it apparently tastes a bit like custard? That single fact could either put you off trying it or make you desperate to give it a go

Sugar apple-Weirdest Fruits



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