Weird Moustaches

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 9:57 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Beard n tache

This is a good example of the bushy beard and wild moustache combo and the moustache part resembles the handlebars on a Harley Davidson, but maybe that was the look he was wanting to achieve. The spikes are not just straight out, but instead they go up and curl a bit to give them more shape and this look will certainly be capable of stopping people in their tracks wherever he goes.

Beard n tache-Weird Moustaches

2.Chest moustache

This was actually done for Movember and for charity, but it is very clever and the owner can rightfully be proud of his moustache. Ok it is cheating at bits, but that does not matter as he will have raised some money to help beat cancer and that is all that matters. It would have been even more impressive if he actually did have a moustache that length, but that is sadly not the case.

Chest moustache-Weird Moustaches


This moustache can only be referred to as being long as it is ridiculous how long this is and it must be a world record. It does appear to be the case that this guy has never shaved off his moustache in his entire life as it is the only way it can have grown to this length. It looks pointless and must weigh a mad amount for facial hair, but if he is happy, then that is all that matters.

Looonnnggg-Weird Moustaches

4.Wide n bushy

The one thing that you have to say about this moustache is that it is wide and bushy. This must involve a lot of teasing out of the hair and how long did it take him to grow something a thick and bushy as this moustache? All kinds of things must get lost in this example, bits of food, loose change, small children, as this is a moustache that is now growing wild.

Wide n bushy-Weird Moustaches

5.The tick

The first thing to mention with this moustache is actually the length of those end parts as it is quite impressive as to how high up they are going. It looks as if you could take your eye out with the end of them and you just imagine the guy spending ages trying to twist and turn them into a point and it taking hours until he was happy. This may be a thin moustache, but it certainly packs a punch.

The tick-Weird Moustaches

6.Too bushy

This moustache has kind of evolved into being a cheek only beard and it is the amount of hair that is on there that is the most impressive part of it all. This moustache is seriously bushy and in all honesty it is actually beyond being bushy and is now completely ridiculous. How anybody can take him seriously when he is directing traffic is a mystery.

Too bushy-Weird Moustaches

7.The upwards curl

This moustache is weird in that it almost turns into a bit of a beard at one point, but then the owner decided against it and instead made only the top part curl up like this. It does give it quite a strange look and it shows how a promising moustache can suddenly go very wrong indeed when the owner gets carried away with things.

The upwards curl-Weird Moustaches

8.Biker curl

This moustache has to be one of the thickest out there right now and you can see why when you check it out. As if the curl part was not good enough it is just the overall bushiness of the entire thing that is so impressive, but if he is indeed a biker it does mean that he can only wear certain helmets as there is no way that his moustache is getting inside a visor.

Biker curl-Weird Moustaches

9.Army curl

This moustache is straight at the top, does a right angle at each end, and then goes a bit crazy at the bottom. There really is no other way to describe this moustache and it is one that you really do have to spend time thinking about in order for it to actually make sense. It is clearly well kept, so why did he go mad at the bottom and have it curling up in this way? It is not even to the side, but it appears to be directly in front of him making this a very, very strange moustache.

Army curl-Weird Moustaches


This guy has to be a cat lover as it is the only way to describe his whiskers moustache that he is sporting. He actually has a normal looking moustache in the middle, so why he then decided to go for this strange bit on the ends is a real mystery and what does he think he looks like? If he thinks it looks nice, then somebody please tell him the truth.

Whiskers-Weird Moustaches

11.Curl and whoosh

This image has been named curl and whoosh for one simple reason. He has the little curls near the moustache, but then he has allowed the end of it, and his beard, to go completely made resulting in a major whoosh with the two ends shooting off into the distance and way beyond the edges of this image. You do wonder how he came up with this style, but he must have some amount of patience to style it in the first place.

Curl and whoosh-Weird Moustaches

12.Curly curls

Clearly for this guy having one curl was not enough, so he had to go several steps further and go for a number of different curls just one after the other. This has led to him having a very strange looking moustache that has so much going on that you never really know where to look. He has even remembered the small curls at the top, so has a real eye for detail.

Curly curls-Weird Moustaches


This moustache could only be described as being spikey as there are bits and pieces shooting out all over the place here. It does look a bit of a mess in all honesty, but the amount of facial hair is certainly impressive and the guy is looking very proud of what he has managed to achieve all thanks to having a rather crazy looking moustache.

Spikey-Weird Moustaches

14.Curler 1

Curls seems to be all of the rage and this is a fantastic example of what is possible from a moustache. This moustache actually looks quite thick and it must take some amount of styling to get the curls exactly like this on a daily basis. This is a good attempt, but you do wonder about how dress sense as that does make the entire thing look a bit strange.

Curler 1-Weird Moustaches

15.The horns

This moustache does indeed look like a set of horns on his face, but you cannot help but to be impressed by the sheer size of the facial hair and the amount of styling that has taken place in its creation. You do wonder how wide this makes his head because surely he has to walk through doors sideways?

The horns-Weird Moustaches



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