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Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 4:49 pm
By:Tony Williams


Cryptozoology is the name given for a hobby where the person spends their time trying to either prove or disprove theories surrounding mysterious animal sightings or whether or not a particular animal does exist in the first place. This is something that can result in them physically going to the places or doing research online, but it is not known how successful they are in their particular hobby.

Cryptozoology-Weird Hobbies

2.Urban exploring

Urban exploring is the hobby of checking out abandoned sites in and around your city. Some people do take it a bit further and will check out completely abandoned villages or factories in the middle of nowhere and they then take photographs to record their trip there. This hobby can be quite spooky, but at the same time there is a real sense of wondering what is around the next corner.

Urban exploring-Weird Hobbies

3.Paper plane throwing

We have all made a paper airplane at some point, but there are some people that do it as a hobby and indeed there is even a world championship. Enthusiasts will look at the science behind designs, the paper, and all kinds of things to get that flying edge resulting in something that is actually quite competitive even though it is also quite bizarre.

Paper plane throwing-Weird Hobbies

4.Fork bending

Do you ever look at a fork and hate the shape? Do you ever wish that you could do something about it? Well fork bending could be the hobby for you. As the name suggests this involves bending your fork into another shape and basically build a collection of your designs. It is strange, it is a bit freakish, but at the end of the day it is harmless and keeps people away from the public.

Fork bending-Weird Hobbies

5.Duck herding

There are people out there with the hobby of duck herding although what they get out of it is a guess. It works the same way as it does with sheep as you try to get them into a pen, but at what point do you decide not to bother with the sheep and use ducks instead? Is this herding for people that hate sheep, but love the idea of it all? This is not only weird, but it is also a rather confusing hobby.

Duck herding-Weird Hobbies


Lock sport is the sport of opening locks. You can either do this on your own or there are championships where it is against the clock or against another player with the option of being blindfolded in order to make life even harder. The thing that people love about this is the puzzle aspect as they like to work out how to open it all without a key. This really is a strange hobby that a surprising number of people enjoy.

Locksport-Weird Hobbies

7.Element collecting

This is for the chemistry nerd as there is a hobby called element collecting where you try and get some of each chemical that appears on the periodic table. This is going to be easy for some and almost illegal for others, but you can instantly see how it is for a real chemistry lover rather than anybody else.

Element collecting-Weird Hobbies

8.Balloon chasing

People love hot air balloons and there is now a hobby whereby you see one and you chase it in order to see where it lands. There is a sense of mystery and the unknown as you have no idea where you will end up and of course you need to figure out how to keep it in your sights at all times. This must be a nightmare hobby when there is a group gathering of hot air balloons.

Balloon chasing-Weird Hobbies


Noodling is basically when you go fishing with your bare hands. The fish you are after is the catfish and you stick your hands in a hole in the side of a river, down its throat, and pull it out. This is a rather strange way to catch fish, but it does appear to be effective even though you will often end up with bites and scratches as a result of your catfish catching exploits.

Noodling-Weird Hobbies

10.Egg shell carving

How these people managed to do this with a simple egg shell is a mystery. The detail in them and how steady their hand needs to be in order to carve them is something that is going to be way beyond what the majority of people are capable of doing. It does not involve eggs we have for our breakfast, but instead it is better with the likes of an ostrich egg, but even with that it is still amazing at what they do.

Egg shell carving-Weird Hobbies

11.Beetle fighting

Beetle fighting is quite a popular hobby in certain parts of the world although you do wonder exactly why they get excited at it. As you can imagine it involves getting two beetles together and letting them do what appears to be quite natural to them and that is fight. Obviously there are going to be bets placed on the outcome, but it is still a strange hobby to have.

Beetle fighting-Weird Hobbies


Tapophilia is the hobby of walking around and enjoying graveyards and in particular studying the different stones that are in there. People do not need to have any relatives buried in there as they do it to take photographs, read what is on the stones, and even do some rubbing of them, which is the strangest part of all, and you have to admit that it really is a weird hobby.

Tapophilia-Weird Hobbies

13.News raiding

News raiding is the hobby of getting yourself in the background of news reports in your city. Basically, you see a camera and you make sure that you are in shot even if it is just for a few seconds before moving on. There are some people who will stand there for the duration and indeed if there are different news crews at the one place will stand behind all of them just to get on television.

News raiding-Weird Hobbies

14.Airsick bags

For a weird hobby surely collecting airsick bags from airliners has to be up there as one of the strangest that anybody can be involved in? Collecting things is something that is common, but why collect an object that is purely made for us to regurgitate our breakfast into? Surely there is going to be something nicer to collect that does not involve bodily fluids? Hopefully they are unused ones that they collect.

Airsick bags-Weird Hobbies

15.Yarn bombing

Yes that is a statue with some knitted yarn on it and indeed yarn bombing is a new hobby that more people are looking at taking up. Basically, it involves having something made of yarn and put it on an unsuspecting object where it is going to stand out and seen as being strange. This can involve anything in public, but of course you need to take a photograph of it and put it on Social Media.

Yarn bombing-Weird Hobbies



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