Weird Facts About Pokemon

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 3:51 pm
By:Tony Williams


Arcanine was originally lined up to be a legendary Pokemon, but the creators then changed their mind and instead they went for Moltres. Why they did this is something that only they know, but it does show how nothing is set in stone with this kind of thing and that up until the game or cartoon is launched things can be altered.

Arcanine-Weird Facts About Pokemon

2.Mr Mime

The scary part about Mr Mime is that he can also be a girl. This at first is perhaps not the biggest surprise when you look at the character, but the real surprise is that even as a girl he would still be called Mr and this does seem to go against the whole female thing. Why the name does not also change is unknown, but surely it is something that they must have looked at?

Mr Mime-Weird Facts About Pokemon


For some reason the creators decided to come up with the names Deino, Zweilous and Hydreigon for characters and at first you do not think that there is anything strange about it. However, look more closely and you will see that it includes the German for one, two, and three and this is a theme that happens elsewhere with Spanish words also included with other characters.

Deino-Weird Facts About Pokemon


OK this is not a fact about the game, but it is still interesting. In 2008, Japanese scientists managed to find a new protein that they said works very well with electricity. They then had to decide on a new name and the name they selected was Pikachurin simply because of that one single fact about electricity.

Pikachu-Weird Facts About Pokemon


You may not realize this, but Parasect is actually two different Pokemon characters, but the mushroom is actually controlling the bottom part, which is of course a crab. This is strange combination as there does appear to be no point to it, at least initially, and why they decided to come up with this is something that only the creators could answer.

Parasect-Weird Facts About Pokemon


This fact is rather disturbing in what is a cartoon for children. The character Hypno has actually been known to go ahead and kidnap children and you do wonder who thought that would be a good idea especially in the world today. It is just a strange thing to include in a cartoon as there is nothing comical about it at all.

Hypno-Weird Facts About Pokemon


Even though it is Japanese, people do not realize that the name Pokemon is inspired completely by the English language. In actual fact it is a combination of the word Pocket and Monster, so you see how it makes sense even though most people look for some strange obscure Japanese reason as to why that name was chosen.

Pokemon-Weird Facts About Pokemon


Did you know that Wailord is capable of breeding with Diglet? This is something that is often overlooked by people, but it is a strange little twist in the game and one that you are unsure as to why it happens or the effect that it then has. Perhaps it is just one of those facts that you will forget about instantly.

Wailord-Weird Facts About Pokemon


When it comes to the character Azurill, then there is a 25% chance of them ending up female when they do the whole evolution thing. This is a lower percentage than you maybe thought it would be, but at least it does still leave open the possibility of them becoming female and you then seeing if it does change your experience with the character.

Azurill-Weird Facts About Pokemon


Believe it or not, but every Spinda has their own unique set of spots and this means that there is an astonishing four billion combinations in the game itself. Why they decided to go to this extent is unknown, but it probably shows their dedication to Pokemon that they put so much effort into the smallest of details that nobody else would notice.

Spinda-Weird Facts About Pokemon


The swirl that appears on Poliwag is actually inspired by the swirl of the intestines of a tadpole, although why the creators thought that it would be a good idea is going to be a bit of a mystery. Not many children realize that part of one of their favorite characters has been inspired in this way, but perhaps it would get them more interested in tadpoles as a result.

Poliwag-Weird Facts About Pokemon


You may guess this from the name, but Hitmonchan is actually based on the actor Jackie Chan. Clearly there is no actual resemblance in the way they look, but it was at least styled on him with the different moves, so at least he has yet another claim to fame that is only matched by Bruce Lee who is also another character.

Hitmonchan-Weird Facts About Pokemon



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