Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 4:05 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Silly String

In Hollywood you can actually be fined $1000 for using silly string on Halloween and this does just sound like people trying to spoil the chances of others having a good time. There must have been some massive silly string fight that made them bring this law in, so hopefully the people had fun as there will never be another one.

Silly String-Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know

2.Party day

This is the third biggest party day in the US with only New Years Eve and the Superbowl being able to beat it. That shows how massive it is and how many people actually take part because the chances are that there is no way you would have thought it would be the third most popular with everything else that goes on.

Party day-Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know

3.Fancy Dress

When it comes to fancy dress, in 2012 they say that 62% of the outfits that were sold were actually for adults and not children. This is surprising as you probably thought it was still mainly for children, but it is clear to see that adults are now taking a bigger interest in this day than ever before.

Fancy Dress-Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know

4.Commercial Success

As a commercial success, Halloween is second to Christmas with regard to turnover and it is easy to see why with the food that is bought, the costumes, and even the way that people will now dress up their home. People see if as a bit of fun and they are prepared to spend a lot of money to make sure that everything goes well.

Commercial Success-Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know


The amount of candy sold at this time of the year is estimated to be in the region of $2 billion and this shows how massive this one particular day actually is. The candy market love it due to the sales that they make and of course kids love it as well due to being given candy to go and eat.

Expensive-Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know


A spider on Halloween is alleged to be the spirit of a dead loved one who is now looking over you. This does not help you if you are scared of them because now you will be wondering who the relative is and what they have seen you doing.

Spiders-Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know


99% of all pumpkins that are sold are reportedly sold for them to then be carved out at this time of the year. This is a statistic that really does surprise people because surely a lot of them are bought throughout the entire year?

Pumpkins-Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know


Lanterns hollowed out from pumpkin started off with turnips and came from Ireland. The idea was that the candle inside would keep the evil spirits away during this part of the year. Of course it was then turned into a pumpkin with them being more readily available and on a number of occasions they are easier to carve as well.

Lanterns-Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know

9.Apple bobbing

Bobbing for apples comes from the Romans where they did it to honor the goddess Pamona. At least we have taken a nice ritual from the Romans and turned it into something we can have fun doing rather than some of the other rituals that they would do on a regular basis.

Apple bobbing-Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know


Going to the door for candy was brought in during the 1930s by the US government as before it people focused on playing pranks, but things were getting out of hand. They decided that going for candy was a safer thing to do or who knows where the pranks were going to end up heading.

Candy-Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know


Wearing masks comes from Celtic tradition that states the dead visit us on 31st October, so that is why we tend to wear them because then the dead will not know that it is us. At least there is some logic behind this idea rather than some other traditions that are out there.

Masks-Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know

12.It's old

It is 2000 years old and this is something that does often surprise people. We know that it goes right back to Pagan times, so it is not a modern day thing even though we have obviously brought it more up to date with the different traditions that are not included.

It's old-Weird Halloween Facts You Didn't Know



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