Underestimated Items That Turned Out To Be Worth A Fortune

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 10:12 am
By:Tony Williams

#3 Jackson Pollock Painting

Seventy three year old Teri Horton, a former long haul truck driver living in California, was in a thrift shop when she purchased a painting for a measly $5. She bought the painting for a friend, but it turned out to be too large and she put it outside at a yard sale she was having. A local art teacher spotted it and Teri agreed to have a forensic specialist look at it, who later confirmed by a fingerprint that it was indeed and authentic Jackson Pollock painting. Teri was offered $9 million dollars from a buyer in Saudi Arabia, but turned it down, asking for no less than $50 million dollars.

Jackson Pollock Painting-Underestimated Items That Turned Out To Be Worth A Fortune