Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 5:29 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.penis chili

Well this would certainly add some spice to your food, but not in the way that you expected it to. A chili is actually a fruit so it can still be mentioned here, but would you want to just wipe this on your food to add some heat when it looks like a penis? This shape appears to be quite common in certain types and that in itself is a worry because why would you grow it to deliberately look like this??

penis chili-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

2.Strange lemon

An actual description as to what this lemon looks like is going to be left up to your imagination, but it is enough to say that it is not meant to look like this and how on earth did it manage to become so deformed when growing? Is it a cat curled up, is it a hamster with little hands? All you can say is that it is a weird fruit and one that you would think twice about eating.

Strange lemon-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

3.Duck strawberry

This is simply a duck in a different position, but you do still get the neck and the beak sticking out and you could almost take the stalk part as acting like feathers for it. This strawberry actually does look too good to eat, so surely you would try to preserve it in some way and show it off to your friends with you acting like the proud parent of your strawberry duck?

Duck strawberry-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

4.Cucumber duck

This cucumber has managed to turn itself into a duck and you cannot help but to be impressed by it. The end part is still on, so that does help to create the beak, but the way it curves back on itself does automatically make you think of a duck as you will have undoubtedly seen them sitting like this when sleeping or trying to keep warm.

Cucumber duck-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

5.Swan cucumber

This is a cucumber that really does look like a swan including the way that the neck curves and the shape of the head. It is seriously bizarre as to how it has managed to develop like this because surely it started to curve, as they are prone to do, then it went all freakish and decided to become a swan. Mother nature must have been laughing hard at this little surprise that she threw up for us humans.

Swan cucumber-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

6.Devil tomato

Perhaps the red color is what adds to this picture, but surely this is a devil tomato complete with horns? It is either that or it looks like one of those space hopper toys that were popular in the 70s and 80s bringing loads of fun to children. You wonder how those two ears, or horns, managed to grow like that because surely nature cannot be as freakish as this?

Devil tomato-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

7.Butt watermelon

This watermelon could end up putting you off eating the fruit again considering it is not just the normal round shape, but looks like a giant striped butt. Each cheek is massive and it really is a bit of fun growing something that ends up looking like your butt. This is something that you would display and love showing off and indeed you would probably prefer to show this off than your own human butt.

Butt watermelon-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

8.Tomato hand

This is a green tomato and as you can see it does indeed look like a giant hand. It resembles one of those foam ones that you see for sale and it is just funny how it has also developed five fingers to make it look even more real. This is something that you would automatically post online, just like this person has done, in order to show it off to anybody and everybody and to tell them that you have just grown a freaky looking fruit.

Tomato hand-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

9.Peach bum

Don't worry, this is safe for work as it is not some hot girl sitting in the sand showing off her bare butt. Instead, it is nothing more than a boring peach that has the misfortune of being shaped like a bum. The angle of this shot probably does make it look better than it actually is, but you do have the crack and everything making this into a weird fruit shape.

Peach bum-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

10.Buddha fruit

This is done using a mould and it just means that the fruit is forced into growing into this shape, but it is still a fun thing to look at considering you basically have a Buddha fruit. OK the detail on it is not the best, but at the end of the day it is still a weird shape and it is just a bit of fun if you went ahead and grew one yourself.

Buddha fruit-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

11.Heart Watermelon

This has clearly been shaped on purpose, but it does not take away the fact that it is actually quite a cool looking watermelon. The chances are it is easier to cut up in this shape, so perhaps the Japanese, who came up with it in the first place, have done us all a favor by producing this shaped fruit.

Heart Watermelon-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

12.Rabbit tomato

There does appear to be something about a tomato and strange shapes as this one does appear to look like a rabbit. The way that the two ears stick up is funny and you can clearly see what it is aiming to be, which is not to look like a tomato, and could you actually go ahead and eat it? Or would you just do this very thing, which is take photos and post them online?

Rabbit tomato-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

13.Duck tomato

As you can see this tomato does indeed look like a duck, but it is sad that it is not a yellow tomato or that would have just really added to the effect. It is funny how there is even a little beak on the front of it and it really is the perfect shape for a duck, so mother nature does know how to have a laugh, but clearly the laugh is producing fruit ducks.

Duck tomato-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

14.penis fruit

This is actually a type of passion fruit from Brazil that has gone strange, but you do not need anybody else to explain to you what it really looks like. The woman in this picture appears to be loving the fruit by the look on her face, so she has clearly caught on and realized what it all looks like as well. This has to be the only 18+ fruit in the world.

penis fruit-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables

15.Bear strawberry

If you look closely at it from this angle you can in actual fact start to make out the shape of a bear in this strawberry. It is quite funny that it has a nose, which is helped by the fact it has not turned red, along with a big butt and legs. How this managed to develop into this shape, and how the person noticed it in the first place, is a mystery.

Bear strawberry-Top 15 Weirdest Shaped Fruits/vegetables



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