Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 3:21 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.The melting clock

While this does not have the height of the other examples, it does show a clock sliding over the edge of the mug and this on its own makes it a 3D sculpture. It is very well done and you wonder how it is not just continuing to slide off all on its own accord. How the idea is created in the first place is also a mystery, but at least you know that it cannot tell the time.

The melting clock-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte

2.The maid

The best part about this piece of art is the face as you can easily imagine it in a cartoon strip. Even though this may look less complicated than some of the other examples around, you just know that it took a steady hand and an eye for detail in order to produce it in the first place. You wonder what they are trying to say when you look at their mouth, but perhaps it is a comment about their hairstyle in this latte.

The maid-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte


An animal theme seems to be running through 3D cafe latte art and this is continued with this example showing a horse. It does show the eye for detail when even the horseshoe is included in the hoof, so nothing is left to chance and it does always add to the end result. It looks quite a friendly horse in all honesty, but would you not still be tempted to drink the coffee in the first place?

Horse-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte

4.Happy bear

Is this not a happy looking bear? It has a great smile and for some reason it looks as if it is quite cheeky with a little glint in its eye. The idea of a bear relaxing in a cup of coffee as if it is a bath is also quite funny and if he had added some hands behind the head it really would have been the most perfect image you could ever hope to see.

Happy bear-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte


This is clearly a rabbit with the two long ears sticking up in that position and a little face and once again it would be a firm favorite with both children and adults. The little hands sticking on the edge of the cup are a common feature, but it does help with the overall balance of the rabbit and indeed it would look rather strange without them.

Rabbit-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte

6.Teddy Bear

How sad does this teddy bear look? You can imagine this being shown to a child and what their reaction would be as this teddy still manages to look cuddly even though it is in a cup of coffee. The face is the best part of it all, but you can just easily picture kids having a bear like this in their bedroom and all of the comfort it brings.

Teddy Bear-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte


Yes you guessed right, this is a hippo in a coffee cup and it looks unbelievably good. The artist has managed to somehow capture some character here you can just picture it as a cartoon character on the television and entertaining children. How steady must this guys hand be when he creates all of these things?

Hippo-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte

8.The dog

This is a piece of art that will make everybody go wow due to you having a dog lying over your latte. The guy that created it has managed to give it a sad face, but the entire work of art is amazing. The dog actually looks very comfortable lying there and you would, once again, feel bad about disturbing it in order to get to the coffee underneath.

The dog-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte


This picture is really something else as it clearly shows the art sitting on the outside of the cup. How the guy that created this managed to do it is such a puzzle that you cannot help but admire his skill. This cat on the outside of the cup is seriously cool and you would not want to life the cup in case it fell over and destroyed something that really is amazing.

Kitten-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte


How cool is this in your latte? It clearly shows a skeleton and it is so well done that you cannot blame somebody for taking a photograph of it and putting it on the Internet. All of the detail is there for a reason and that reason is to make this an absolute work of art and there is no doubt that they did actually manage to do it.

Skeleton-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte


Yes this does show two pandas sitting in a coffee cup and the chances are that you really do not know what to make of all of this. They really have managed to do a fantastic job including making sure that the color distribution, which means their ears are a different color to their face, is perfect so you instantly know that you are looking at a panda.

Pandas-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte


Have you ever wanted an alien in your coffee? Well now you do have that opportunity as this photograph shows. As like every other one it is the eye for detail that is amazing right down to the three eyes and the bits sticking up out of its head. You wonder how people can manage to come up with something like this, but well done to whoever did it.

Alien-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte

13.Hello Kitty

If you love the Hello Kitty character, then you are going to love this example of latte art. The fact that they have also added in little paws just adds to the overall look and it really is an impressive example of what can be done with coffee. They have managed to catch the expression and the fact that you immediately know what it is does make a huge difference.

Hello Kitty-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte

14.The cat and the fishes

Ok this needs two coffee cups, but the way that the cat has been sculpted over the two and looking at the fish is so cool that it really does deserve a mention. The ears, the whiskers, the tail, it has all been thought of and well planned and you do wonder how many times it took them to perfect it and to get it looking as good as this.

The cat and the fishes-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte


Yes this is actually a giraffe in a latte and how they have managed to do this is an absolute mystery. The height that this things goes up defies logic and it would be an absolute shame to go ahead and drink what is basically a work of art. However, you just know that you would still do it anyway.

Giraffe-Top 15 Creative 3D Cafe Latte



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