Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 7:43 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Being Alone

Being alone can be one of the hardest things about moving abroad. At first you may feel lonely with no one to talk to, especially if you don't know the language, but it's also such a great learning experience. If you can stick it, become involved in local events, and participate in activities, you will find yourself loving your move that much more.

Being Alone-Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country


It is important to fit in with the culture of your new country. Check out the fashions, the lingo, the customs and the holidays. Join in whenever possible to feel more like you belong. This is a great way to make friends as well as to be welcomed into a community.

Culture-Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country


Technology today makes it easier for people to move overseas. With smartphones, tablets and computers, you can use video calling to see loved ones and feel more connected, especially when you first move and friends are not as abundant as you would like. It would be best to get a local cell phone there though.

Technology-Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country


When moving abroad, consider the medical services that are available and what type of quality is being offered. It would be wise to check out prescription plans, especially if you are already on a prescribed medication. These are all things you may take for granted until you are there and get sick or injured.

Medical-Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country


Insurance works the same way as taxes. If you are still a US citizen but live in another country, insurance claims can become confusing. You may want to stay current with your present insurance if you can work remotely for the same employer, otherwise getting insurance overseas may be an option, depending on citizenship.

Insurance-Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country


Until you fully become a citizen of another country, your home country will still charge you taxes. In the United States, the IRS will tax you as long as you are a citizen and are making an income. That is where the decision of citizenship versus visa makes a big difference.

Taxes-Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country


When making your choice on where to live, consider language. If you don't know any languages, even just a little, then everything is fair game, but if you studied a language in school you may want to start there. Even if you don't know it fluently, it will help that you have an understanding.

Language-Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country

8.Buying A Car

Same goes for buying a car. If you move to a city in a country that has public transportation, consider that first. A car is a big investment that can tap your wallet and you may need that money for something more important. Once you decide you are there to stay, with a steady job, then a car might make sense.

Buying A Car-Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country

9.Buying Real Estate

Before buying real estate it might be wise to rent first, maybe for up to a year. While you may have already made up your mind that you are going to love your destination, when you actually live there and explore the different neighborhoods, you may find you like one over the other, or maybe don't even like the new country as much as you thought you would.

Buying Real Estate-Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country


It is wise to first get a job in the new country before deciding to open a business, if that's what you are planning. Some transplants even keep their jobs in their home country, working remotely until their income in the new country is enough to support them. Do your research on the job climate before moving.

Working-Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country


Next up, is where do you want to live? There is a whole wide world out there with many options. Research the best fit for you economically, financially, culturally and also consider safety. Weather can also play an important in the decision on where to live. It's a big decision so take your time.

Location-Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country

12.Citizenship Or Visa

You've decided to move to another country. One of the first things you need to consider is whether you are going to become a citizen or if you are going to use an extended tourist visa. With the extended visa, you have the hassle of having to renew every ninety days, and own a business or property can be restricted.

Citizenship Or Visa-Things To Do Before Moving To Another Country



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