Things That Went Viral In 2013

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 4:31 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Space Oddity - Astronaut Chris Hadfield

When Commander Chris Hadfield broke out his guitar and belted out "Space Oddity," a 1969 David Bowie hit, the world took notice. Orbiting the earth at 17,500 miles per hour, his video became the first music video that was ever filmed in space, reaching millions of viewers and going viral on earth ... and who knows what other planet.

Space Oddity - Astronaut Chris Hadfield-Things That Went Viral In 2013

2.Gentleman - Psy

We thought he might be a one hit wonder with the 2012 hit single, Gangnam Style, but in 2013, Psy's video for "Gentleman" went viral. The South Korean singer hit gold twice, with Gentleman being the most viewed video online in a single day. Two years in a row, he has one of the most viral videos of the year.

Gentleman - Psy-Things That Went Viral In 2013

3.Amanda Bynes Twitter Rampage

Amanda Bynes had a Twitter melt down for the whole world to see. As the child star self destructed, her tweets got crazier and crazier, each one going viral in a bigger way. The following she received was more than she ever had as an actress, probably messing her up even more.

Amanda Bynes Twitter Rampage-Things That Went Viral In 2013


4.# Hashtagging With Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

Jimmy Fallon's sketch with Justin Timberlake about using hashtagging in every day speech went viral instantly. Making it clear that no one should ever utter the word hashtag when talking, ever. It's bad enough to see it online, but this video made sure that the term never caught on like people saying LOL in person.

# Hashtagging With Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake-Things That Went Viral In 2013

5.Fit Mom

Maria Kang became known as fit Mom when she posted a photo on FaceBook showing her three children as she hovered over them baring he taut abdomen. If that didn't create enough of a stir, above the picture read, "What's Your Excuse?" Mothers everywhere took offense, sharing it with each other and sending the video viral. Like they say, they're no such thing as bad press.

Fit Mom-Things That Went Viral In 2013

6.Barak Obama Selfie At Nelson Mandela's [email protected]

When Barack Obama joined other two other world leaders in a smiling selfie, that was bad enough, but the fact that it took place during Nelson Mandela's [email protected] made the picture shoot around the internet like a comet. LIke something out a high school yearbook, our president looks self-involved and just bad overall.

Barak Obama Selfie At Nelson Mandela's funer@l-Things That Went Viral In 2013

7.What Does The Fox Say

With more than 275 million YouTube views, the video What Does The Fox Say is one of the top viral videos of 2013. Like one of those baby toys where you pull the string and it makes the sound of the animal that an arrow lands on, this video tells what each animal says, but... what does the fox say?

What Does The Fox Say-Things That Went Viral In 2013

8.Spock Vs. Spock

When Audi pitted new Spock against old Spock in their ad, Trekkies everywhere rallied to support it. Release shortly before the new Star Trek movie, the timing was perfect as even those who were not die hard Star Trek fans, wanted to catch a glimpse of the new pointy eared space hero and to see how he compared to the one and only, Leonard Nimoy.

Spock Vs. Spock-Things That Went Viral In 2013


How could a video of a Shetland pony doing the moonwalk not go viral? It's impossible. The funny little video was unusual and cute enough to capture a wide audience, and the soundtrack from Fleetwood Mac only added to the appeal. The video went viral as viewers shared their own pony mixes.

Three-Things That Went Viral In 2013

10.Harlem Shake

Videos of the Harlem Shake was viewed over 175 millions times in just 11 days as 40,000 people posted Harlem Shake videos. The catchy song intro and the simplicity of the dance made it an instant success with people around the world, causing thousands of people to want to replicate it.

Harlem Shake-Things That Went Viral In 2013

11.Wrecking Ball Video - Miley Cyrus

Not only did Miley Cyrus riding a wrecking ball naked go viral, but parodies popped up all over the internet. The newly released video, Wrecking Ball, took social media by storm as viewers by the thousands shared it with each other. The parodies on the other hand, skyrocketed Wrecking Ball to superstardom as those who only saw the parody, tracked down the original.

Wrecking Ball Video - Miley Cyrus-Things That Went Viral In 2013

12.Dove's Real Beauty Sketches

One of the most popular videos that went viral in 2013 is Dove's Real Beauty Sketches, receiving more than 54 million views on YouTube alone. The video had real people describe themselves to a police sketch artist without him seeing them, then another person in the group was asked to describe that same person. The two sketches were vastly different, with the sketch drawn from the strangers description was better looking than the image described to the sketch artist of the person themselves.

Dove's Real Beauty Sketches-Things That Went Viral In 2013



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