Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 12:37 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Billy Bob Harrell

This guy won $31 million in 1997 thanks to the Texas lottery, but it basically ruined his life. He found it difficult to say NO to people leading to his divorce and within two years of winning he actually killed himself as he could no longer take the stress that was being put on his shoulders.

Billy Bob Harrell-Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

2.Callie Rogers

Callie won just under $3 million on the UK lottery when she was just 16. She had a boob job, went on holiday and basically just spent everything. She is now in debt thanks to her spending and works as a maid in order to get any money possible.

Callie Rogers-Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

3.Suzanne Mullins

She won $4.2 million in the Virginia Lottery, but she decided to get the yearly installments rather than just the one huge lump sum. However, she was spending quicker than she was getting the cash, so used the money that would be coming to get a loan, but now she is broke and even though there is a court settlement against her she has no assets at all.

Suzanne Mullins-Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

4.Evelyn Adams

Evelyn won $5.4 million on the New Jersey lottery, but the problem here was that she loved to gamble. It took her next to no time to lose all of her cash due to her living near to Atlantic City and now she has no money and lives in a trailer park.

Evelyn Adams-Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

5.Denise Rossi

Well this is the classic case of being greedy. Denise won $1.3 million on the California lottery and decided she would not share it with her husband. Instead, she forced a divorce and threw him out. Two years later he found out what happened, sued her, and the judge gave him all of the money. If she had been honest she would have kept most of it herself.

Denise Rossi-Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

6.Ken Proxmire

Ken was the lucky winner of $1 million in the Michigan lottery and he decided to use it to change his life. He moved to California, invested in a business with his brothers, and five years later was back working at his old job after being made bankrupt due to losing it all.

Ken Proxmire-Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

7.Charles Riddle

Charles won $1 million in 1975 and that really was a huge amount of money back then. He bought the usual stuff, but then ended up getting divorced, losing everything, and ended up being charged with handling cocaine.

Charles Riddle-Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

8.Willie Hurt

Well talk about your luck changing. Willie won $3.1 million in 1989, but it was all gone within two years. Instead, he found himself with no money, charged with murder, and was addicted to drugs, so he was not only stupid, but completely broke.

Willie Hurt-Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

9.Janite Lee

The problem with Janite Lee is that she was far too kind hearted and the result was that her $18 million win in 1993 ended up not going that far. She donated money to people, political causes, and gave money away to the community and the result was that 8 years later she had been declared bankrupt after forgetting about herself.

Janite Lee-Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

10.William Post

This guy won a total of $16.2 million way back in 1988 thanks to the Pennsylvanian lottery. However, he made a number of really bad calls with his money and invested in the wrong things and without the correct advice and the result was that he ended up $1 million in debt a year later.

William Post-Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

11.John Ross Jr

In some ways this guy was stupid, but in other ways at least he used his lottery winnings to good effect. Basically, he won a scratch game called "Set for Life", but all he managed to do was to use the money to get himself out of jail, so he hardly had time to experience the high life due to his limited amount of freedom.

John Ross Jr-Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

12.Michael Carroll

This guy really was an idiot. He won the jackpot on the UK lottery and ended up with a cheque for �9 million, but blew it on drugs and partying and now works making cookies and earning $300 a week. He annoyed his neighbors, made a fool of himself, and is now back to the rags part of this rags to riches story.

Michael Carroll-Stupid Lottery Winners Who Lost It All



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