Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 9:58 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Mariana Incident

Minor League manager Nick Mariana captured film footage of a UFO on August 15, 1950. Before the game, Mariana was inspecting the diamond on the field in Great Falls Montana, when he saw two bright dots streaking across the sky. He filmed it on a 16mm movie camera, becoming the first person to capture actual film footage of a UFO.

Mariana Incident-Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings

2.McMinnville Incident

Mr. Trent and his wife, Evelyn, lived on their farm in Oregon in May of 1950. While outside feeing her rabbits, Evelyn spotted a silvery, metallic disk in the sky. Shouting to her husband to join her, he too spotted the craft, as they watched it hover for a couple of minutes. The farmer took two pictures before the craft sped off.

McMinnville Incident-Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings

3.Edwards Air Force Base Sighting

In 1957, a test pilot and austronaut, Gordon Cooper, had a camera crew working at Edwards Air Force Base filming the installation of a new landing system. The crew spotted a saucer and filmed it as it flew overhead, then hovered while extending three legs that looked to be landing gear. The saucer landed in a dry lake bed. After Cooper sent the film to Washington, it disappeared.

Edwards Air Force Base Sighting-Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings


4.Chicago O'Hare Incident

In 2006 several United Airlines employees reported seeing an unidentified object in the sky. The object, which was reported to be saucer shaped, punched a large hole in a cloud as it rose back up into the sky. The hole remained visible for quite a while, but the FAA did not investigate.

Chicago O'Hare Incident-Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings

5.Socorro Encounter

Several witnesses in Socorro, New Mexico reported sightings of a strange, low flying object on April 24, 1964. Lonnie Zamora swears it was an alien spacecraft. The on-duty police officer saw a gigantic cone of blue light rising into the air, thousands of feet above him. No one was ever able to figure out what it was.

Socorro Encounter-Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings

6.The Portage County Chase

A half dozen officers chased a communications satellite in the pre-dawen hours of April 17, 1966. Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur noticed an object hovering above the trees when he was investigating an abandoned car. Jumping in his car to follow the object, other officers joined to follow in their own cars. At the same time, Police chief Gerald Buchert saw a saucer shaped object hovering near his yard and took a picture.

The Portage County Chase-Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings

7.Warren Air Force Base

Warren Airforce Base is no strangers to UFO visitations, has been allegedly being visited since 1965. Once such incident was when Officer Bruce Fenstermacher spotted a bright white objected in the sky in 1976. With flashing red and blue lights, the object seemed to affect other officers cars that tried to approach it, causing the engines to stall.

Warren Air Force Base-Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings

8.Piney Woods Incident

Betty Cash and Vicki Landrum were driving along a lonely highway in Piney Woods, Texas, with Vickies' grandson, Colby,when they were stopped in their tracks by a large glowing diamond shaped object blocking the road. The two women got out of the car to see what was going on and when they returned to their vehicle the handles on the door were so hot they had to use their coat sleeves to touch them.

Piney Woods Incident-Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings

9.Trans-En-Provence Incident

In 1981, on January 8th, Renato Nicolai, a retired farmer working in his garden, heard a whistling sound. When he looked to see where it was coming form he spotted an aircraft that looked to be saucer shaped, hovering six feet off the ground before rising into the sky and disappearing. Nicolai was only 100 feet away.

Trans-En-Provence Incident-Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings

10.The Westfall UFO

In Melbourne, Australia, on April 6, 1966, a silver disc was seen in the sky before landing near a high school. The craft took off again. Two hundred people witnessed this even in broad daylight and no airport or owner of an aircraft has been able to explain it ever since.

The Westfall UFO-Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings

11.The Abduction of Betty and Barney Hill

One of the first ever recorded abductions was the case of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. As they drove home from Canada to New Hampshire, they noticed an object in the sky that came very close to their car, stopping them on the road. Barney got out of the car, but got scared and got back him, fleeing the scene. When he began driving he was thirty five miles away from where he got out of the car. Nightmares followed, and Dr. Benjamin Simon reported that he was indeed abducted by aliens.

The Abduction of Betty and Barney Hill-Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings

12.Christopher Columbus UFO Sighting

One of the earliest sighting of a UFO was in 1492 when Christopher Columbus was sailing on the Santa Maria headed toward America. He spotted a light zooming across the sky one night, and recorded it in his captain's log. In the log he wrote that the object flew up and down and east and west, disappearing and reappearing, making it unlikely that it was just a shooting star.

Christopher Columbus UFO Sighting-Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings



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