Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 9:52 am
By:Tony Williams


If you have the cold, then consider getting a zinc supplement as soon as possible. Scientific studies have indicated that this could really boost your immune system and help your body to fight back against the cold.

Zinc-Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold

2.Vitamin C

The idea of vitamin C stopping you from getting a cold is wrong, but it has been shown to be extremely effective at helping you when you already have one. What happens is that it does manage to boost your immune system and this, in turn, will reduce the severity of your symptoms and the length of time that they are affecting you for.

Vitamin C-Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold


Peppers, and other spicy food, will be great for a cold due to them containing something called capsaicin. This is going to help to ease congestion, break up mucus, and generally ease the discomfort that you are feeling.

Peppers-Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold


This may sound slightly contradictory considering tea has caffeine, but when you mix it with honey you will find that it ends up working along the same lines as the chicken soup. Your nasal passages will be eased, you will lose that feeling of having a stuff nose, and overall it will just result in your head feeling better.

Tea-Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold


Consider getting some honey and apple cider vinegar and mixing them together for a cough syrup. The honey is a natural antibiotic and it will also soothe your throat, so take a teaspoon every hour or so.

Honey-Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold

6.Chicken soup

If you thought that this was just a tale passed down the generations, then you are wrong because science has shown that chicken soup does indeed help the cold. Obviously the steam helps the congestion, but at the same time there are things in the chicken soup called cysteines and they have been proven to have an impact on mucus.

Chicken soup-Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold

7.Hot packs

You will feel that your sinuses are a bit on the blocked side, so consider placing some hot packs around them in order to help ease the discomfort. Get a washcloth, put it in the microwave for a short blast, then place it on your face.

Hot packs-Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold

8.Mentholated salve

Get one of those vapor rubs and put some under your nose. This is going to help ease the congestion that you feel and it will just make breathing that bit easier with the result being that you feel better in next to no time.

Mentholated salve-Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold


The idea of battling against the cold from the get go is something that we should actually not do. As soon as you feel the cold really taking hold you should rest because this allows your body to focus all of its intention on fighting against the virus rather than wasting energy elsewhere.

Rest-Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold

10.Salt water rinse

Make a salt water rinse for your nose as this is going to ease the irritation that you feel inside the nostrils because that will undoubtedly be causing you a lot of discomfort. The salt water will also rinse out the virus and bacteria as well as soothe things.

Salt water rinse-Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold

11.Steam inhalation

This is something that has been around since time began, but there is no doubt that steam inhalation does actually make a difference to you when you have the cold. Get a bowl of hot water and put a towel over your head and inhale and see how it improves things.

Steam inhalation-Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold

12.Fluids and more fluids

It is important that you drink a lot of fluids because this has been shown to help break up the congestion you feel. Look at sticking to water or juice as this will stop your throat from drying and feeling uncomfortable.

Fluids and more fluids-Simple Home Remedies For Common Cold



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