Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 3:27 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Android 18

This drawing of Android 18 is light-years better than what she normally looks like. This girl looks like she belongs with the X-Men, rather than fighting with Dragon Ball Z characters. Thankfully, the artist did not give Android 18 her signature five-finger forehead, as it would have taken up most of the drawing.

Android 18-Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings


Videl is supposed to be age 757, but she looks like a 25-year-old woman here. The artist transformed a devilish-looking character into what looks to be a stunning model sitting in the grass. The artist made her look almost angelic with the way the light is hitting her left side. If the Dragon Ball Z character looked like this all the time, she'd be batting the guys off with a stick.

Videl-Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings


Bulma wished she looked this good. This is a gorgeous depiction of Bulma from Dragon Ball Z. Bulma is a simple character with basic features in the series, but this artist has given her so much life and detail. One of the great aspects of this drawing is that the artist kept Bulma's child-like features, but just depicted them in human form. This drawing was created by a talented artist named Frank Reyes.

Bulma-Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings

4.Omega Shenron

This painting of Omega Shenron from Dragon Ball Z is worthy to be praised. The intricacy of the artwork makes it appear as though it was hand drawn. It took the artist over 30 hours to complete due to its various textures and shades. All of the artwork was done in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Omega Shenron-Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings


Birusu has a Zen quality about him and this drawing brings that to life. He is the main enemy from the "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods."This is actually a speed painting of the villain that was done with Wacom Bamboo and Adobe Photoshop CS5. The one slight misstep with this drawing is that it's monotone and needs some more color to make it pop. Birusu typically has yellow eyes, while this drawing has him with purple ones.

Birusu-Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings


In the Dragon Ball Z series, Vegeta always has the face of someone with severe stomach pains. This artist took a vindictive-looking character and gave him a softer appearance. This Vegeta appears to be deep in thought, but ready for battle. If the cartoon Vegeta looked like this, he'd be a true Ladies' man.

Vegeta-Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings

7.Dodoria, Frieza and Zarborn

This drawing of Dodoria, Frieza and Zarborn looks like something out of the Final Fantasy video game. The drawing has a dream-like quality to it that isn't easily achieved. Thisillustration doesn't shy away from the features each character has in the cartoon, but at the same time there's something extremely life-like about it.

Dodoria, Frieza and Zarborn-Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings


If you aren't a Dragon Ball Z fan, you might mistake this drawing for Bryan Cranston's character in Breaking Bad. This Nappa drawing takes the cartoon character to a new level. The cartoon version is built tough, but this drawing makes him look like he's done 20 years in prison.

Nappa-Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings


This Frieza appears to be channeling his inner Iron Man in this artwork. Artist Munoz Velazquez did an amazing job capturing one of the most important villains in the series. This drawing was modeled in Zbrush and rendered in Max. All of the photo-retouching on this piece was done in Adobe Photoshop.

Frieza-Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings

10.Super BUU

Super Buu looks like a pale version of the life form in the Alien films. This drawing was accomplished by Munoz Velazquez. In the Dragon Ball Z series, Super Buu has an evil comical way about him. However, this depiction of the character just makes him look disgustingly evil. The drawing is amazing, and Super Buu's chest is so life-life; it looks as though he's been hitting the gym hard.

Super BUU-Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings


This drawing of Cell was done by Munoz Velazquez. It is a flawless CG rendering of the Dragon Ball Z. This depiction of Cell makes the character look as though he belongs in a Marvel film. Cell is a villain in the Dragon Ball series, but Velazquez's drawing makes him appear friendly and peaceful.

Cell-Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings


Broly isn't normally this brolic. This drawing by Artsfenix is an amazing rendition of the Dragon Ball Z character. The artist made Broly so muscle-bound that even he would be scared to face him. Because of his facial expression and physique, this Broly could go a few rounds, and win, against any WWF wrestler.

Broly-Realistic Dragon Ball Z Drawings



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