Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021, 9:39 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Lil John

"Get Low" by Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz featuring The Ying Yang Twins is something of a rap masterpiece. "To the window, to da wall, to the sweat drop down my b*lls" is the tip of the iceberg with this down and nasty song. It even made the FOX list of nasty songs.

Lil John-Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps

2.Too Short

When you hear "Cocktails" by Too Short you'll realize why he is on this list of rappers who use dirty language in their raps. Released in 1995, this rap is one that gets stuck in your head after only hearing it once. "She was fine as f**k, but can't f**k with Tina. Tina, Tina, the sperm cleana," are just a taste of the lyrics from this fine rap.

Too Short-Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps

3.Ice T

He may play a police officer on Law & Order, but Ice T has a pretty filthy mouth when it comes to rapping. He can get down and dirty, and with a wife like Coco, maybe he needs to sex it up. Lyrics such as, "Evil E was out coolin' with a freak one night, f**ked up the b**ch with flashlight," are what made him one of the top rappers in the industry.

Ice T-Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps


4.Mickey Avalon

"My Dick" by Mickey Avalon compliments the rappers manhood while insulting the listener. With lyrics, such as "my d*** size of a pumpkin, your d*** look like Macauley Culkin," the rap is hilariously naughty. Avalon is joined by Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy for this winner, and they all get to spit out wild verses.

Mickey Avalon-Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps

5.Gangsta Boo

"Can I Get Paid" by Gangsta Boo is one of those songs that keeps running through your head, and if you catch yourself saying the words out loud, you better hope you're not around your mother. "Muthaf**ker give me sumethin' to see me twerk, make my butt cheeks clap to the beat," are some of the words you may need to sing only in private.

Gangsta Boo-Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps


Eazy-E gives us extreme pleasure with "Gimme That Nut." Able to put dirty words together than any rapper, making it almost seem like you're not really saying anything that bad. "Now my d***all hard, and you know what I'm thinkin'. Took the panties off and the p**** was stankin'."

Eazy-E-Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps


"Put It In Your Mouth" by Akinyele came out in 1996 and is still relevant today. Her lyrics are downright nasty but this song became every white girl's anthem back in the day. "I'm c*** ashy as hell, wit chapped d***, for your chapped-ass lips," are just the beginning of the filth train that Akinyele takes us on.

Akinyele-Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps


Khia is another female rapper that can hang with the best of them when it comes to dirty lyrics. Her rap, "My Neck, My Back," features words such as, "then you roll your tongue, from the c*** back to the front, then s*** it off till I shake and c**." All this from a mouth so beautiful you would never image such filth coming from it.

Khia-Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps


Colt 45 by Afroman is another rap with dirty lyrics that are outrageous. Rapping about his Palmdale adventures, Afroman should get more cred. With lyrics such as "lips were breakfast, p**** was lunch, then she busted open with Hawaiian punch," you can't get much better than this when you want some downright dirty stuff.

Afroman-Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps

10.Lil Kim

Lil Kim gets in the act of dirty lyrics with her rap, "How Many Licks." The female rapper is known for her trashy words, but this rap is one of her best when it comes to dirty lyrics. With words like, "he had a big ass d*** and a hurricane tongue," Lil Kim can hang with the boys and beat them at their own game.

Lil Kim-Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps


Talk about dirty. Riskay's "Let Me Smell Yo D***" became an anthem for women who wanted to find out if their man was cheating on them. Lyrics such as "I know you're cheating, I can smell a hooker on yo dong," are only some of the amazing lyrics by Riskay.

Riskay-Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps

12.2 Live Crew

The Miami rap group, 2 Live Crew, top the list of the dirtiest of lyrics in rap. Even the title is dirty, "Pop that P****." But it's song titles with lyrics such as those found in this song that made them famous. Raunchy and nasty is what they are and their fans love it.

2 Live Crew-Rappers Who Use Dirty Language In Their Raps



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