Psychological Facts About Love

Thursday, Sep 17, 2020, 5:21 pm
By:Tony Williams


In order to feel love one of the main things has to be a sense of being safe because without it the chances of finding love will diminish a great deal. If you want someone to love you, then focus on this feeling in order to make a difference to their life.

Safety-Psychological Facts About Love

2.Sync brains

Brain resonance is something that happens with love and that is where you can both feel each others feelings, know what the other one is about to say, or what they are thinking. Your brains are in sync with one another and it just gives you that feeling of there being a special bond.

Sync brains-Psychological Facts About Love

3.Vagal tone

Love will actually increase something called your "vagal tone" and this is something that can then be measured and determine the risk of you having a heart attack. This can also regulate inflammation and even glucose levels in your body, so there are real health differences due to love.

Vagal tone-Psychological Facts About Love

4.Positive resonance

At that point where you experience positive resonance, your brain does actually sync up with the brain of the other person resulting in that shared experience that can then mean so much to both parties. This is something that can build a feeling of love between each other.

Positive resonance-Psychological Facts About Love

5.Reduce stress

Love is going to lead to a reduction in your stress levels thanks to something called oxycotin. This is seen as the love hormone and it will calm your brain and make you feel less stressed about everything in the future.

Reduce stress-Psychological Facts About Love

6.Love thoughts

Just thinking about somebody you love when you are alone is often enough to recreate some of the feelings that you have when you are together. However, the feeling is diminished as you would expect, but it is still enough to lift some of the gloom around you.

Love thoughts-Psychological Facts About Love


Love can actually be a momentary thing that is due to a sudden sharing of some kind of positive experience. This in itself is seen as a different kind of love due to its sudden nature although for some it does evolve into a more long-term thing.

Momentary-Psychological Facts About Love

8.Change opinions

Love is known to change your mind and indeed it will result in you looking at people from a different perspective. It takes away your own ego and prejudices, in some people at least, resulting in you having a better understanding of others and a better acceptance as to who they are.

Change opinions-Psychological Facts About Love

9.3 events

Love comes from three events. The two people have shared emotion, there is a sense of synchronicity between the two of you, and finally there is a natural interest in helping one another's well-being. When all three are together it results in a feeling of true love.

3 events-Psychological Facts About Love


If you suffer from low esteem or depression it stands to reason that you will then have difficulty in feeling love and making this connection with another human being. This is due to the imbalance of chemicals in your brain that they are already feeling and it will reduce the enthusiasm that they have for finding love.

Depression-Psychological Facts About Love


Love has been shown to make people feel more positive and less anxious about things as it does appear to have a calming effect and indeed can produce a state of almost euphoria. This is often the strongest at the start of a relationship as the adrenaline also kicks in creating a sense of absolute joy.

Positivity-Psychological Facts About Love

12.Body & Mind

Love has been shown to greatly alter the way in which your body and mind acts due to the way it releases various chemicals in your mind. This can actually be tracked in a medical way and there is absolutely no doubting how it can boost you in more ways than one.

Body & Mind-Psychological Facts About Love



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