Psychological Facts About Boys

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 5:16 pm
By:Tony Williams


Do not believe that guys cannot be romantic as that is simply not the case and instead they can be ultra-romantic in the right setting. The main thing is that they are allowed to express themselves in their own way and you could be amazed as to how ingenious they can be with things.

Romance-Psychological Facts About Boys


Psychologically guys are very easy to manipulate, but at the same time they hate the idea of somebody doing that to them, so there is some degree of conflict there. You will tend to find that they can be led along quite easily, but you need to make it believable or they will smell a rat as they are quite intuitive in that way.

Manipulation-Psychological Facts About Boys


Believe it or not, but heartbreak hits guys harder than it does girls as they are actually very emotional and can be extremely vulnerable at different times. This surprises a lot of people as guys are supposed to be the ones with the hardened exteriors, but the reality is different.

Heartbreak-Psychological Facts About Boys


Respect is a major thing for a guy, so in a relationship give him some respect and he is going to absolutely love you for it. Of course you need to be quite careful as to how much you give him or you will turn him into some completely self-obsessed maniac, but overall some respect can go a long way.

Respect-Psychological Facts About Boys


Guys are simply unable to understand when a girl says something but actually means something else as this just confuses their mind and they simply have no idea what to do. The best thing that you can do here is just to be completely honest and tell them things in an easy to understand manner in order to prevent complications later on.

Confusion-Psychological Facts About Boys


Psychologically guys are ultra competitive and if they are unable to win or perform to the best of their ability, this includes both in bed and with sports, then they are going to suffer from performance anxiety. This is something that can be quite crippling, so boosting their ego is undoubtedly required.

Competition-Psychological Facts About Boys


Guys are very rarely vocal about their feelings, but that does not mean that they do not have any. Once again it is seen as a bit of a weakness if they are quick to show their feelings in public, so they are often quite guarded about things and will only open up once they feel comfortable.

Feelings-Psychological Facts About Boys

8.Female orgasm

When it comes to sex if a guy can make a girl orgasm, then it makes them feel all powerful and masterful. This is partly why girls will often look at faking it because they know that they are giving the guy a bit of an ego boost and he is going to love them even more thinking he is a sex god.

Female orgasm-Psychological Facts About Boys

9.No help

Guys are going to very rarely ask for help as it is all a confidence thing and in some ways they see asking for it as being weak. Do not put too much pressure on them to get some help as this can make the problem even worse and make them even less likely to ask for it at some point in the future.

No help-Psychological Facts About Boys


If you want to give him a psychological boost, then give him a compliment. Guys love them, but the problem is they will never get them from friends so have to look towards their partner in order to have their ego and self-esteem boosted a bit. Just do not overdo it or they will expect it all of the time.

Compliments-Psychological Facts About Boys

11.Physical sights

When it comes to being attracted to a girl, then a guy will always go for the physical attributes at first sight. They will then focus on the person inside after they have got over the external appearance, so by making yourself look nice on the outside it increases your chances of getting some attention if that is what you are after.

Physical sights-Psychological Facts About Boys

12.Cling onto him

If you flirt with another man it will make him jealous, but on the flip side if you cling onto him in the presence of others, then it will make him feel like an absolute star and will give his ego a serious boost. By making him feel very lucky to date you it will result in him loving you more.

Cling onto him-Psychological Facts About Boys



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